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Easy Project!  Fall Tobacco Basket Floral

Easy Project! Fall Tobacco Basket Floral

Decorating a tobacco basket is easy! Plus, it's a great way to add a bit of floral decoration for the seasons.
This tobacco basket hangs behind my desk in my home office. Prior to placing the fall floral in it, it had a small boxwood wreath with a God Bless America ribbon.
In a few weeks, I'll remove the fall floral, easy as pie to do, and add something with a Christmas touch.
You can watch the video here. The video is an edited version of a Facebook Live. 


Tobacco Basket 24"

35108CM Cream Sunflower Bouquet

52360BN Wheat Bush

52406OR Bittersweet Spray

RG0196564 2.5" Cream Iridescent Dupioni Ribbon

X844509-38 1.5" Brown White Linen Ribbon

Substitute Ribbon:  RG01682EW 1.5 Fall Plaid

RA1574 Natural Jute Twine

Note: Any or all of the above supplies may be sold out when you visit this blog, but you can always substitute similar items. Very little ribbon was used so this is a great way to use up those short ends of ribbon you may have on hand.


The sunflower bouquet was separated along with the wheat bush. Only a couple of pieces of the wheat bush was used.

The bittersweet bush had been leftover from another project. 

Once you get your bouquet together again, secure with a zip tie and snip the ends.

Make a Bow

Make a hand-tied bow or use the EZ Bowmaker. My bow was about 9" in width.

Secure the bow to the bouquet before you secure the bouquet to the tobacco basket. 

Trim the tails of your ribbon using a dove-tail cut, or just a simple angled cut.

Simple Bow

Wrap the Stems

Cover the stems by first making them all even. Use the Natural Jute Twine to cover the stems. Start by measuring the twine and leaving it long toward the top of the bouquet. Leave a piece 6-8" long so that you can tie it when you are finished.



Hold the long piece of twine in place and begin to wrap the twine (coming from the spool) around the stems, keeping the twine close together. Just keep wrapping until to get the stems covered up. Tie the two ends together and snip off the tails.

Secure the bouquet to the tobacco basket by inserting raffia, or ribbon through the back of the tobacco basket. Tie the bouquet on with a knot.

Depending on the weight and position of your bouquet, you might need to secure in an extra place if if flops forward or sideways.

Finishing Touch

After you've trimmed your tails, depending on the kind of ribbon you used, you might want to curl up the ends of the ribbon.

Curl Ribbon Ends



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