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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Back Porch Fall Decorations

Back Porch Fall Decorations

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Back Porch Fall Decorations

Don't you just love decorating when it's simple....K.I.S.S...."keep it simple silly.....or keep it short and sweet."



Sometimes when you don't have a lot of time or resources to spend on elaborate seasonal can just work with what you might already have.


In this case, a box of old fall decorations from the attic yielded a couple of pieces that were re-purposed as back porch fall decorations.




The only thing purchased for the mantel was the small pie pumpkins from the local farmer's market. The farmer's market one of my favorite places to shop! You never know what's you're going to find.


The attic box I'm not suggesting you store your decorations in the attic. It's not good for them, but we all do it. The attic box contained two RAZ bittersweet garlands from last year.


One garland was placed on the mantel as a base. A partially used roll of grapevine twig was unwrapped, pulled apart and cut into pieces about 24" in length. It's easier to twist and turn the grapevine using shorter pieces than a long one.


You can unravel a grapevine wreath too. It's messy! Do it outside. The pie pumpkins were just laid around on the mantel, some sitting up and some laying down.


Pick out pumpkins with long twisty stems and don't handle the pumpkins by the stems so you won't pull them off.


Tiny battery lights were weaved in and out on the mantel. A couple of Wild Bittersweet Bushes were also in the box and they were separated and pieces slipped in and around the mantel.


Nothing was secured with wire or anything. When the season changes and it's time to re-decorate, the back porch fall decorations can be easily removed, pumpkins tossed to the birds and picks and garlands back in the box for another use in the future.


EC4050 35" Wild Bittersweet Bush

Coffee Table

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A piece of a Burton & Burton Corn Husk Pumpkin Garland was used on the coffee table along with pumpkins and gourds.


More of the bittersweet bush pieces and grapevine were entwined in and around the pumpkins. The garland has pinecones, gourds, berries, pine, leaves and corn husk so it contains a lot of elements. It's about 72" in length. (Garland is now sold out on website)


Don't be afraid to cut up garlands and use them as pieces. Part of the garland was used on the table for my back porch fall decoration and there is still a good size piece left that would be great as a candle ring, etc.


Last year this garland was used on top of a ivory and gold table runner on my dining table.


Love, love, love digging out decorations and using them in different places. Folks won't remember what you did last year!


They think you have all new stuff again))) 

Side Table

outdoor decorating for fall, bittersweet garland, bittersweet bush


Now, that bittersweet garland (now sold out on the website) laying on the table doesn't look like much of a back porch fall decoration, but if you watch the video you will see that it is perfect for this table.


I love this table! It is compact and the top folds out on each side to make a regular width table. When we use it full size, we just pull it away from the sofa as a buffet or bring out some folding chairs for seating.


We purchased the table locally, but if you're interested in a similar one, here's one on Amazon: Universal Drop Leaf Console Table.


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All questions will be answered. And if you noticed the pumpkin on the far right on the table.....there's a critter that visits every night for a little snack! We even tried covering up the coffee table with a throw, but last was back again! The hole just keeps getting a little bigger and bigger. It doesn't leave any debris or dropping or anything.....maybe it's a raccoon? Don't know....but definitely need to find out!

More Decorations

If you would like to see some easy decorations for a fall mantel here's a link:


Fall Mantel with Persimmons and Pumpkins


outdoor fireplace, outdoor decorating for fall


We love our back porch, decorated or not. There is just something about have a fire and covering up with a warm and fuzzy throw.


Last night I was all cozy and comfy and heard a noise. Then it occurred to me, it might be the critter looking for his late night snack! Finished that movie in the house!


outdoor fall decor, back porch fireplace, back porch mantel


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