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Creating a Top Hat Centerpiece

RAZ Upturned Black Top Hat Christmas Decoration
The Black Top Hat from RAZ comes in several sizes ranging from 7" to 10.5". Even a red one! The Top Hats made of felt like material and paper and are lightweight. They look great positioned on a tree in a jaunty sort of position and even as a tree topper. You can also nestle them under the lower branches, on top of packages, tabletops and mantels. Save your box that they were shipped it so you can keep it year after year. This Top Hat is shown filled with Peppermint Tapers (battery operated), Red Sparkle Sprays and snow-frosted sprays.
RAZ Black Top Hat
raz peppermint battery powered taper candle
RAZ Red Glittered Sparkle Spray
To protect the Top Hat, your arrangement should be made in a smaller container and then set the container over in the hat. A fresh arrangement should be made carefully making sure you have a water proof container inside the hat, probably double-proof.
These photos are shown to give you some ideas. The Top Hat centerpiece would look great with regular tapers (don't light them) or a different type of spray. Snow covered frosted branches would make an outstanding arrangement. The Top Hat is already embellished with a band, bow and floral piece.
Fill with Snowball Ornaments - Cold, Frosty, Crunchy!
RAZ Snowball Christmas Ornament
RAZ Snowball
Fill with tall Peppermint Candy Canes
raz peppermint candy cane christmas decoration
RAZ Peppermint Candy Canes
The Top Hat could also be filled with real candy peppermint sticks to give away as treats to your guests (just use an inner container and something to set them on to make them stick out of the hat higher). Fill in the gaps around the container with some white poly covered with loose "snowflakes."
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