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Bunnies Hopping in Next Week!

More RAZ Easter decorations arriving next week! The long awaited Pink Hydrangea Bunny, the Green Hydrangea Dog and the White Long Eared Bunny.

The tall pink hydrangea bunny is already sold out for the season, but we still have several of the green tall bunnies left in the 20" and 27".

Check out our Clearance category for some great Easter decorations too! Here's a very easy Easter cake decoration my daughter made for Maggie's birthday that coincided with Easter one year. The cake was made from purchased angel food cake. I think she took about three cakes and cut them up to make two using slices from the third cake to give the bunnies shapes. Ears just made from white card stock paper and the tail, not really visible in the photo, was a Hostess Snowball. Grass made from tinted coconut, nose a jelly bean and licorice stripes for the mouth, jelly bean eyes. The kids loved it!

Happy Easter!

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