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2018  Ladybug Wreath Kit

2018 Ladybug Wreath Kit

This is a wreath supply kit that we made available yesterday for purchase. Our customers have asked for more wreath kits and sometimes we have the kits ready for have difficulty getting the time to do a complete tutorial! So, folks have said.....just create the here we are. Update: Supply kits have sold out, no more will be available. This ladybug wreath kit contains the following: XX750437 - 24" Lime Pencil Wreath - 1 MS1513 - Small Ladybug - 2 MS1514 - Medium Ladybug - 1 XB99010-09 - 10" Lime/White Check - 2 Rolls (Fabric mesh) RG0143824 - 1.5" Red Watercolor - 1 RG0166227 - 2.5" Ladybug - 1 RG0165102 - 1.5" Black Swiss Dot - 1 RG01049L6 - 2.5" Black White Check - 1 Suggestions for Completion: We had chosen the lime green/white check fabric mesh for two reasons. We like the texture of the mesh and we chose the 10" width since we had planned to make a ruffle wreath for this project. To make a ruffle wreath, you can use 10" mesh and cut into strips for ruffles. We would suggest either cutting pieces 30" in length and make a ruffle. Or, cut 15" pieces and make two ruffles for each twist. The 30" results in less raveling since you have fewer cut edges. All mesh ravels and you will still have to clip some strings. If you do 30" ruffles, apply one ruffle to each twist. Doesn't matter if you start on the outer ring of the wreath form or the inner, just do whichever one works best for you. The wreath for this project was a 24" pencil wreath. Our 24" pencil wreaths measure 15" across the widest ring, but with the addition of mesh, ribbons, etc, you wind up with a wreath that measures 24" in width or greater. It will not take quite all of the two rolls of 10" mesh, but it will take more than on. Next you can do your ribbons. There are four rolls of ribbon in this kit and you can use as much or as little as you like. The ribbons are 2.5" and 1.5" You can cut ribbon strips and just attach a cluster of assorted ribbon in each twist. To do this, cut a test strip of ribbon before you start cutting up your ribbon to make sure your length is right. You might start with a 12" strip (use a scrap ribbon) and see how that works. Depending on how you like your strips, it might need to be smaller or larger. Just find the size that suits you best. You can make a cluster using a strip from each style or ribbon and add it to the twist on top of your ruffle. I like to open up the twist, put the ribbon cluster in, and close the twist again securing everything together. You may want to dovetail or chevron, the ends of your ribbon or just cut at an angle. If you choose to do ribbons strips, we usually add them to each twist around the wreath's inner and outer ring. You will still have some ribbon left over after this, enough to make a bow. You might rather make bows with your ribbon and not do's just a matter of preference. Or you might want to use two of the styles of ribbon for ribbon strips.....and make bows out of the other. Just experiment and see what you like. There are many different ways of making bows and we have several tutorials showing those. Just browse those at the top of the website. A simple loop bow is sometimes the easiest to do. The ladybugs are made of polyfoam and felt. There are three bugs in the kit, two small and one medium. I would probably position one on one side, and two on the other. Just play around with the position. To secure you might try running thin floral wire through the back and secure to the mesh or the twist. You may have to secure in more than one place to keep them from slipping around. Hope this helps and look forward to see more kits real soon!
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