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Unboxing a Steelpix Machine


The Steelpix machine and Easy Cutter are tools are indispensable for wreath making. They are both easy to operate and very durable. Anything that we can do to make our floral designing easier…we’ll all for!

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Here’s a short video of our unboxing of a brand new stemming machine. The floral stemming machine pretty much works right out of the box. Sometimes you might have to make some minor adjustments but there is a toll free number on the instruction and you can call and get an actual service person if you need to! We tested it! And spoke with the gentleman who actually packed our machine! We did open the box and load the picks in the machine to save some time)))

Here’s a handy link to the operating manual for the stemming pick machine in case you have questions.  Steelpix Professional Heavy Duty Stemming Machine

Purchase from Hobby Lobby: Steelpix Machine

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2 1/8″ Steel Floral Picks  Box of 2,000

steel picks, steel pix, floral stemming machine, floral pick machine


Purchase from Amazon: Steelpix Machine

2 1/8″ Steel Floral Picks Box of 2,000

Purchase Easy Cutter from Trendy Tree: Easy Cutter

easy cutter, flower stem cutter, bush cutter, floral cutter

Here’s a link to our top ten favorite tools for wreath making – you’ll find them very help too!

Top 10 DIY Crafting Tools


Happy Wreathing!