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Easy Christmas Floral


easy christmas floral, cedar branches, pinecones

Quick project! Easy Christmas floral made out of cedar branches, berries, pinecones and a candle. Can’t get much simpler than that!

Easy Christmas Floral

A few days ago I made a fresh garland for my outdoor mantel. Since I had some cedar branches left over, I didn’t want them to go to waste. So I found a container which was a wicker tray that had been used on the back porch or summer. You don’t always have to use something Christmasy for your container. The wicker tray was just fine.

Look around your house for a container to use. It could be a pretty platter, bowl, box, crate, basket or something from the kitchen. The cedar branches were just snips of cedar. The branches were just placed in the wicker tray and I found a candle left over from last Christmas. It’s amazing how sometimes you really can find things that you put away from last Christmas!

This candle had been tucked under a kitchen cabinet and forgotten about until I started making the easy Christmas floral for outside. Because the floral needed a little bit of color, I added some fresh Nandina berries. Then I noticed a leftover wreath that had been in attic that we didn’t use again this year. It had pinecones on it! So, it was easy to grab those off the wreath and re-purpose them for the floral.


No expense incurred for this easy Christmas floral! Everything was either freshly cut, or pulled out of a cabinet. I like it! It’s fresh and appealing. You could use this arrangement in the house of course, just be careful with real candles and fresh greenery. Use some common sense. As the branches dry out, discard them and add in fresh. This is a K.I.S.S. project….keep it simple silly! And it smells great.


cedar branches, red berries, pinecones

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