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Back Porch Furniture – Finally Arrived and it’s the Perfect Greige!


I’m so excited….we recently moved into our “retirement” home and we have nice sized back porch with an outdoor kitchen…..when it gets finished! It’s almost done, the grill just has to be connected and the porcelain floor tile done and we’ll be all set! But today…..my wicker furniture arrived))))

Here’s an image. Now this isn’t our back porch…..this is the stock image, but I’ll share more when we get everything all set up))

Stock photo

I looked high and low before deciding on this furniture. I shopped in stores, discount centers and online. It seemed that everything I found was either cheaply made or extremely expensive. Now I don’t know about you, but there is no way I’m giving a couple of thousands dollars for a wicker chair…..to go outside!

I found this one at Sam’s Club. Now I love Sam’s….we shop there often. Our local store didn’t have much in the way of wicker furniture though and so I shopped online. I looked at Sam’s, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Shopperschoice. Overstock, Wayfair and Amazon. We settled on this set from Sam’s.

It was important to my husband that the sofa be large enough for him to recline on. He plans to spend a lot of his time watching football this fall on the back porch. The porch has a fireplace and will have a TV above it. All we lack finishing that is a piece of wood for the mantel and hanging the TV. I really sorta wanted chairs that rock, but these are stationary chairs with ottomans. The plus to this group is, the ottomans will slide up under the coffee table out of the way.

The color is a very neutral and I had in my mind that it would be sort of beige, but it’s between a beige and grey…..you could definitely call it that “greige” The manufacturer called it Cast Shale. Love love love the color! It’s beautiful and not so light that it will show dirt too much, I hope. The wicker is darker to me, than what is in the image, but it looks great.

I would have preferred a plain table with a wood top or a solid, rather than the pattern, but it’s okay. The table top is heavy. The table came packaged separately from the rest of the furniture so be sure you get two boxes should you decide to purchase. The soft, chairs and ottomans were all in ONE BIG box. They arrived put together!!! There was no assembly other than a few screws putting the table together which was a breeze. You just need help lifting the table top.

The cushions are made of Sunbrella fabric and that was a plus when deciding. The cushions are very well made and each cushion was covered in plastic. The set of cushions for each chair was packaged together and so were the cushions for the sofa. So there wasn’t any problem in trying to figure out which cushions went where. It also came with some throw pillows.

Stock Photo


I just can’t say enough good things about this furniture. Its very comfortable, cushions are nice and thick and it looks great.It is well made and was packed so well, corners were protected and it arrived in pristine shape.

The initial price was $1,599 for all six pieces. I watched it for a while, thinking it might go on sale at some point…..but didn’t want to wait so long that it was out of stock. When I first looked at this set, it was only available in Indigo Blue and the Cast Shale was out of stock. I almost ordered the blue…..but I waited and sure enough the Cast Shale came back into stock. I’m glad I waited.

The blue would have been fine, but I really wanted a a more neutral color. I’ve wound up with a LOT of neutral colors on the back porch, hope I don’t have too many!

The set did go on sale! I ordered it when it was $1,299. Thought after July 4th, it might go down more, but I was afraid to wait any longer, so I ordered it on 7/7/18. The price as of today is still a sale price, but $1,399. There is a shipping charge and tax of course. This isn’t one of those products that they will ship to the store so you can pick up, and I can see why. You could almost put an automobile in the box that it comes in! So, if you decide to purchase, make sure you have a space to put it in when it arrives or you would have to leave it outside until it could be unpacked and the box isn’t waterproof.

My shipping was $149. It does take a few weeks to arrive, but that worked out great for us. The shipper contacted us on more than one occasion to give us an update of the shipping status and on the last call, we actually delayed it a few more days while we were waiting for the outdoor kitchen to be closer to being finished. So I ordered it on 7/7/18 and it arrived 8/1/18 by our choice. They could have delivered it on 7/31/18.

The product has very good reviews on the Sam’s website and I can see why. I plan to write one myself. Right now I’m trying to talk the hubby to lets going ahead and just place the furniture on the back porch……we can move it when the tile guys come to put the tile down…..and move it out of the way for the guys to hook up the grill and electrical stuff……I’m just so anxious to see how it’s going to fit and want to kick back and try it out! Aren’t we all just so impatient! Here’s a peek at the granite countertop…..I’m doing a happy dance!!!

I’ll post more pics when we’re all done. Just talked with my friend who is going to put up the cedar mantel over the fire place and hang the TV. Got my fingers crossed that everything will be done by the first football game))))



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