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2017 Fall Lantern Topper


This isn’t really a tutorial, but the topper was just too pretty not to share! Rachel made this practically on her way out the door the other day when we had finished videoing and I just wanted to share it with you. This is the smaller of my set of lanterns and this topper was made with scrap ribbon and some left over sprays from another tutorial.


F3706729  RAZ Butterfly Spray (sold out right now, but more arriving soon)

F3606769 RAZ Bittersweet Berry Spray

Scrap Ribbon

Rachel took a couple of pieces from these sprays and just wired them together with some of the sprays positioned downward and some upward. A simple loop bow was made with some scrap fall ribbon and the entire piece was wired to the top of the lantern.

Again, this wasn’t intended for a tutorial, but it was just so simple and pretty that we wanted to share it with you. The butterfly sprays and bittersweet sprays from RAZ have been so popular this year and they just blend well with most any fall ribbon.


The colors in the butterflies are just so vibrant and we have lots of fall ribbon still in stock in you don’t have any scraps.

If you need ribbon, we listed several suggestions for fall ribbon in another tutorial: 2017 Autumn Lantern Swag Tutorial

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