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Wreath Ideas Using Deco Poly Mesh Netting and Work Wreaths

Work Wreaths are new newest rage in crafting. They are made of two layers of wire and have tinsel twist ties spaced aroundred work wreath the circular wire. The wire frames measures about 15" and the average finished wreath measures about 24" This could be larger or smaller depending on the size of your poufs and ribbon. The Work Wreaths are available at Trendy Tree in basic colors of Lime Green, White, and Red...but we have also just added many new colors which are great for spring, birthday, Easter, Halloween....celebrations and decorating for all occasions. The following photos are some creative ideas from one of our suppliers. Browse the images for ideas on collegiate wreaths, spring, Americana and more. If you have images of wreaths you have created and would like to share, please send me to us and we'll post))) work wreath in red blue americana style This is an Americana style wreath, great for year round patriotism, Memorial Day, July4th....any time red blue deco poly mesh netting geo meshyou're proud to be an American.....which is of course ALL THE TIME! It's been created using a variety of materials. The basic wreath is created on a red Work Wreath, red and blue striped metallic mesh netting. (We don't have the narrow striped red/blue mesh, but do have a wide stripe in stock.) This mesh netting will be found as Deco Poly Mesh, Geo Mesh, Sinamay.....many different names. It is basically 21" in width and 10 yds in length. It has a slight stretch to it, retains it's shape and can actually royal blue deco flex tubingbe used again and again. It comes in plain colors, metallics, stripes and plaids. We just added some Spring checks this year and also more styles in stripes and a textured style coming in red and white. Anyway, back to the wreath. A couple of wooden signs have been wired in and also an American Flag. Royal Blue Deco Flex Tubing gives another dimension to the wreath with some bold bright color. ole miss wreath made from work wreath and deco mesh netting ole miss football christmas ornament While we're on the red and blue, this same style of ribbon was used to make a University of Mississippi - otherwise known as - Ole Miss! The American items were exchanged for a Col. Reb (will be difficult to find in the future since he has been banned from Ole Miss......tsk tsk..). A stuffed bear with Ole Miss. You could add any sort of your favorite Ole Miss items and ornaments are perfect to add shine and sparkle to your wreath. We have Ole Miss Footballs, Basketballs, Hoodies, Jerseys, Megaphones, Snowman, Pennant, Wreath, Santa Boot - plenty of Ole Miss items to choose from. HOTTY TODDY! (Well...just so you know, Ole Miss is my Alma Mater.))) Browse through our Collegiate Ornament section to see them all. university of alabama work wreath deco mesh netting ribbon This Alabama wreath is made from solid red metallic mesh netting and has a ribbon of white with a redred metallic mesh netting 21" wide by 10 yds at Trendy Tree border. The polka dot "A" is made of metal....and the bear....well....we all know what the BEAR stands for)) ROLL TIDE ROLL!! auburn wreath made from work wreath, blue netting and curly sprays This Auburn wreath is made with a dark blue netting on orange Work Wreath. Note the orange curly spray curly sprays multicoloredat the top which adds some interest and the orange contrast. These same colors in reverse would work great for University of Tennessee as well. tiger christmas ornament from old world christmas auburn tigersThe mascot for Auburn is the Tiger. A Tiger Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas would look great on this wreath. Ornaments can be attached easily with ribbon and removed when you're ready to put the wreath away. Then the ornament can still be placed on your Christmas tree. We also have an Auburn Pennant ornament. Browse through the Collegiate section....we have ornaments from close to 40 different Universities across the USA. Here are more wreath in great spring colors. Love the contrasting sticks and stems! srping wreath in orange and blue spring wreath yellow mesh netting spring wreath in blue yellow butterfly flowers spring wreath lime green mesh Hope these photos will give you some ideas to start on your wreath. Remember, with mesh netting and the Work Wreath, you can try it, change it, add items or keep it simple with just fresh bright colors. You can even create some basic wreaths in your favorite colors and change the embellishments for the season or celebration. white mesh metallic ribbon deco poly geo mesh 21" x 10 ydsExample: Create a basic white wreath with perhaps two or three different texture of of white ribbon. Use your basic white/silver 21" mesh netting for the base on a white Work Wreath. Use the basic mesh alone, or add in some narrow white purple glitter strip garlandmetallic mesh for more dimension. For Valentine's Day you can add some Shiny Red Hearts, I Love You Signs, and some red or pink bows. Some pieces of Glitter Strip Garland in Purple or Red would great on a Valentine Day wreath. Take the same white wreath and add in some bright green ribbon, gold horse shoes, anything that gives you the luck of the Irish! Easter: Attach some colorful glittered Easter Eggs, maybe put a stuffed bunny in the center, add some multicolor bright or pastel ribbons and you have a perfect Easter decoration. Many of the Easter decorations are great for baby shower or nursery decorations. Wreaths make great table decorations too! Place them on a small table top wreath stand or lay them flat with a huge pillar candle in the middle or set a floral arrangement in the center. In the photo below is a RAZ "Happy Days" pastel color wreath with a clear glass container of goodies in the center. We're sold out of the pastel color, but still have several left in the primary colors style. ribbon party wreath used as a centerpiece Consider making a basic white wreath when you have some time and I'll bet you'll come up with hundreds of ideas for embellishments. You know, they don't even have to be "new" things.....what a great way to showcase your child's favorite baby toys once they grown up, school pictures, accomplishments and so forth. Frame some photos in clear acrylic frames and attach to a white wreath or wreath made of their school colors. Great decoration for a kid's room! Gosh....I may have to do that myself! I decorated a Christmas tree once with baby things. It was the "last" Christmas our daughter would living at home for Christmas and I waxed nostalgic! I dug out toys, baby dresses and gowns out of the boxes that had been put away for safekeeping. Even had the little red overalls with the knees worn out.......I framed small photos of her playing with some of the toys that had been saved and put on the tree and some of her wearing the outfits that had been kept. Everyone that visited our house that year thought it was a most unusual tree....but everyone loved it))) All the moms anyway))) I should have taken pictures! Maybe I'll do that again with the grands one Christmas.
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