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Wreath Bow Tutorial with EZ Bowmaker

Wreath Bow Tutorial with EZ Bowmaker

Bow Tutorial

wreath bow tutorial

Here's a short tutorial using some wired ribbon and the EZ Bowmaker


Ribbons used for this tutorial were some scrap ribbon that I had in my craft room, but here's as few suggestions of ribbons that are in stock for a similar bow.

RG0190837 2.5" Ivory Gold Dot Ribbon

RGA17323R 2.5" Cream Gold Dot Ribbon

RW725797 1.5" Beige Gold Cream Dot Ribbon

RG0139908 1.5" Gold Metallic Ribbon

RG885001 2.5" Beige White Icicle Ribbon

RG0182918 2.5" Natural Silver Polka Dot Ribbon

RG0807804 2.5" Light Brown Snowdrift Ribbon

RG0554801 1.5" Light Beige Snowflake Ribbon

RG0172627 1.5" White Gold Metallic Squares Ribbon

EZ Bowmaker


More Bows!

Stay tuned, more bow tutorials on the way! If you have any questions or comments just reach out to us at: Trendy Tree Blog


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