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Witch Tree Video by Prettify Your Life

Witch Tree Video by Prettify Your Life

Looks like Angela at Prettify Your Life is ready for Halloween! This is a stunning Halloween tree decorated by Angela and steps to create this look can be found on her Prettify Your Life Blog and you can watch the video. Just click on the image to go to youtube to see the video. You'll find many more helpful videos there created by Angela showing you all sorts of tips and craft projects that are perfect for many occasions and celebrations. Angela used a variety of components to create this tree but one of the great things about this tree, was that she used many items she already had on hand from previous projects. You know we're always saying.....never throw anything away! So many decorative items, if they don't have to be cut short for use.....can be removed after the occasion or celebration has passed and stored away for a new project with a new look. Deco Poly Mesh® can be removed from Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands and re-rolled right back on to their cardboard rolls and used over and over. Cut edges will become frayed with handling but these can be trimmed away. Work Wreaths and Work Garlands can have them embellishments removed and easily used over and over. Glamour rope and Pencil Garland that Angela as used on this tree.....can be re-rolled and used again and again.
Copper Glamour Rope
Metallic Pencil Garland
One of the most unique things about Angela's Witch Tree is the container......a bubbling Witch's Cauldron! This is the sort of thing that makes a custom made tree stand out. There is a video on Prettify Your Life of how to make this Bubbling Cauldron. The same technique was applied for the witch tree only on a larger scale with some modification explained in the video. Thanks to Angela and Prettify Your Life for sharing this unique Halloween creation with us! Please be sure to drop by the Prettify Your Life Blog and browse'll find more creative Halloween decorating ideas and you might want to visit the Prettify Your Life Facebook Group....a growing crafty bunch of folks.....over 1,250 members!

"Witching" you a Happy Halloween!

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