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Witch Hat Centerpiece

witch hat centerpieceThe Witch Hat from the RAZ Hocus Pocus Collection is new for 2010. It's not an item that we have in stock this year at Trendy Tree, but maybe we'll have it next year! The Witch Hat makes a great tabletop centerpiece for your living area or dining table. The Witch Hat could be copied pretty easy and have the same effect. Purchase an inexpensive hat at most any discount store this time of the year. Stuff the inside of the hat with poly fill or even shredded newspaper to make the top stand up. Use some black and orange ribbon to go around the crown and black tulle. Black tulle can be purchased on a roll or you could just buy it by the yard and cut to the length needed. The orange and black balls could be copied by spray painting some old plastic or glass Christmas balls and dotted with silver glitter in a tube. Happy Halloween......and shhhhhh don't tell RAZ about our idea))) Late note: Here's a hat Maggie and I decorated. We have it hanging on the corner of the mantel. It is an inexpensive witch's hat, stuffed with newspaper; 3" orange mesh ribbon. Orange and black flex tubing gives a different look to it. A cluster of black feathers was inserted in the band and a glittered black spider was attached to the end of one piece of tubing. decorated witch's hat
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