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Valentine Wreath Tutorial

Valentine Wreath Tutorial

valentine wreath tutorial Valentine wreath tutorial is partly a re-purposing of a Christmas wreath! Sometimes, especially when making a wreath for yourself, you don't always have to start from scratch! We fashioned a leftover Christmas wreath, sans the bows and signs, and turned it into a Valentine Wreath by adding some new ribbons and a metal heart sign.


Leftover Christmas Wreath - Blog post for instructions: Season's Greetings Deco Mesh Wreath

Wreath Form

24" Work Wreath (any white style) or 24" Pencil Wreath (any white style)


XB79710-01 10" White Fabric Mesh - 1 Roll Fabric mesh is one of my favorite products for wreath making. It has a Polyester fiber in it which gives the Polypropylene as less "plastic" feel. RE550227 10" White Snow Mesh - 1 Roll


A2949 Assorted Corrugated Rustic Metal Heart


11015-40-12 2.5" Valentine Ribbon RG882724 2.5" Red Black Glitter Stripe RG0178302 1.5" Red Black White Polka Dot RW7620F3 1.5" Red White Vertical Stripe

Wreath Making Tools

E-Z Bowmaker Cutting Mat Rotary Cutter Ribbon Cutting Boards Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder from Susie’s Wreath Shop


The Valentine Wreath base was made using the ruffle technique. Click here for that video: Season's Greetings Deco Mesh Wreath The ribbons for the Valentine Wreath were cut 13" in length. tools for cutting ribbon The 2.5" ribbons were dovetailed and the smaller ribbons just cut at an angle. The Ribbon Tail Board just speeds up the process of cutting ribbon strips. Secure ribbon clusters in the twist. Alternate the ribbon pattern as desired. ribbon clusters, valentine wreath valentine wreath, red black ribbon An alternative to ribbon strips would be to just make large bows, or loops and tails with the ribbon. Attach the sign to either side or the center using chenille stems or floral wire. Make a hanger for the back of the wreath using zip ties, floral wire or chenille stems. Make a hand tied bow or use the E-Z Bowmaker and attach bow to the Valentine wreath. valentine bow

Finishing Up

Check the back of the Valentine wreath and make sure to sharp wires or anything is protruding that might scratch your door. Fluff your ribbons. All the ribbon was wired which makes fluffing easier.

More Re-purposing

After Valentine is over, hang on to the wreath! Remove the sign and ribbons and think about Easter. No need to let a good white base go to waste! Easter Wreath Inspiration Happy Easter Wreath (tutorial)
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