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Twig Easter Egg Wall Hanging

Twig Easter Egg Wall Hanging

twig easter egg Bright up your door with a Twig Easter Egg arrangement. This floral would be pretty on a door, a mantel or most anywhere in the house. The oval twig is only 16" so it's a good fit in any place around the house. Since traffic into the Trendy Tree store is at a standstill because of the Coronavirus, it's a good time to catch up with Rachel and watch her create some pretty things for spring and summer.


276966 Twig Oval 61947ORDOT 21" Fabric Carrot 61420PASTEL Bag of Easter Eggs 24189 Pink Peony Spray 24188 Cream Light Pink Peony Spray RGA1765M6 Watercolor Stripe RG0196520 Orange Iridescent RGA126533 Lime White Diagonal Check Other items: Styrofoam, wood picks, floral wire, hot glue, Spanish moss.

Tools and/or Items from Amazon

7″ Electric Skillet (Amazon) Gorilla Glue Sticks (Amazon) Flower Bush Cutter Steelpix Machine 2 1/8″ Steel Floral Picks Spanish Moss Styrofoam Blocks

Twig Easter Egg

The twig Easter egg base measures 16" in ht. Rachel secured a small square of Styrofoam to the twig easter egg base using a piece of a wooden floral pick and floral wire. Rachel wrapped the wire around the wooden pick and inserted the twisted wire through the Styrofoam. styrofoam, floral pick, fabric carrot The wooden pick kept the wire from pulling through. She then attached it to the twig oval. Secure the block of foam to the basket with the wire. secure styrofoam, twig easter egg


Secure the 21" fabric carrot with a bit of floral wire inserted through the back of the carrot and attach to the twig Easter egg.

Easter Eggs

The Easter eggs are made of foam. Cut a wooden pick to the desired length and insert it into the egg. You can use hot glue on the wooden pick if you wish or if the egg doesn't feel secure. Insert two or three eggs into the Styrofoam. Vary the heights of the eggs and the angles. fabric carrot, easter eggs


Rachel chose two peony sprays for the Twig Easter Egg. One pink and one light pink. She cut the stems with the bush cutter. You can use a heavy-duty cutter also. The Steelpix machine can be used anytime you need extra length on a stem, or if the stem is to limp to be placed in the Styrofoam securely. Place the peonies at different heights. pink peonies


Make about a 10-12 bow using the three different ribbons for the Twig Easter Egg. Rachel made a freehanded bow starting with the watercolor stripe first, then the orange iridescent and finally the diagonal plaid ribbon. handtied bow, freehanded bow Rachel secured the bow with floral wire and wrapped the ends of the wire around a floral pick to insert the bow into the Styrofoam. easter ribbon, spring bow

Finishing Touches

Rachel recommended placing the Twig Easter Egg in its position in your home before trimming the ribbon tails. The ends of the ribbon can be finished off with a simple diagonal cut or dove-tail. You can also roll up the ends of the ribbon. Check the back of the twig and look at it from all sides. Cover up the Styrofoam with Spanish moss or green moss, whatever is available. cover mechanics, spanish moss, back of twig easter egg Rachel made a "U" pin from floral wire. She cut the wire about two inches in length and just shaped in a "U" She secured the moss to the foam with the "U" pins. You can also use hot glue to secure moss.
peonies, easter eggs Closeup of Peonies, Beautiful Pinks!
easter eggs, peonies Closeup of Eggs. They come as a bag of 12 assorted eggs and are speckled.

Other Options Using the Twig Easter Form

tulips, hydrangeas, bicycle ribbon Tulips, Hydrangeas, eggs, and ribbon Love that bicycle ribbon!
Tulips, Hydrangea, Forsythia, and a beautiful bow.
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