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Tutorial for Halloween Burlap/Poly Mesh Wreath using Witch, Ribbons and Roping

Tutorial for Halloween Burlap/Poly Mesh Wreath using Witch, Ribbons and Roping

burlap-ruffle-wreath-halloween-finished This tutorial is to show you how we decorated a plain burlap/poly ruffle wreath for Halloween. To see the video for this Halloween Burlap Wreath with Witch just click on the image below.


To see the tutorial for the Basic Burlap/Poly Ruffle Wreath that we started with, just click on the image below. And there is also a video on that page you can watch also. basic-burlap-ruffle-wreath-hang-re-fluff We started with the plain wreath and chose some items to embellish it with. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-witch-wall The first thing we chose was this 18-20" Burlap Witch with Broom. The SKU # is HH3710JA. She is actually made to sit on a table top (there is a cardboard cone shape under the dress) But we secured her to the metal frame of the Burlap Pencil Work Wreath using a couple of chenille stems tied securely around her body up under her arms. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-witch-closeup-2 The arms are bendable. The face and hands of this witch are made with a resin type product. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-closeup We also have a Hanging Witch in stock that would have worked great with this wreath. Her legs and bendable and she has a hanger on the back. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-hanging-witch Her arms are bendable also and she is riding a broom. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-embellishments We pulled a few things out of stock just to show you as suggestions. The first is a 2.5" Orange Faux Burlap RA206020 wire edge ribbon. This orange faux burlap ribbon closely matches the material on the witch's dress. This roll is 2.5" in width and 25 yards in length. The Black and Cream Check is also a faux burlap (RA20674E) and measures 4" in width and 25 yards in length. It is wire edge too and also comes in a 2.5" width (RA20664E) The Beaded garlands are a new product for this season and we have them in many colors. The beads are all different on the garlands and some are shiny, matte or flocked. The Black and Pearl Bead (XG6086) garland is the one we chose for this wreath and it measures about 6' We used the entire length on the wreath. The other Beaded garland is a great one for Halloween too. It's a Lime Pearl and Black Beaded Garland XG6071 and has a combination of flocked and shiny beads. There is also a new Orange Wired Jute Roping in the image. It's SKU is RD106120 and it measures about 4 mm in width and 25 yards in length. We have the wired jute roping in many colors and you'll find it in this category : Wool, Burlap, Cotton, Paper Roping. We have many choices in styles and colors there. The other roping in the image is a new Orange Velvet Wired Roping RD105820. It measures 25 ft and very valued priced at only $5.99. It's available also in several colors. We have so many choices at Trendy Tree in the products we would think it would just be so easy to walk down the aisle and pull this and that to go on a wreath....but the choices are so's hard to narrow them down! halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-cut-ribbon-strips We settled on the 4" Black and Cream Faux Burlap RA20674E for our ribbon strips. We cut the strips 12" in length and cut enough (18) to go in each twist. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-cut-folded-side-ribbon To chevron the ends of the ribbon, just fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle from the folded side. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-chevron-ribbon-ends This just gives a nice finish to your ribbon. You might want to cut them at an angle without the chevron. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-pinch-ribbon-center Pinch the ribbon in the center and open one of the twists on the wreath making sure that the layers of ruffles stay in place. They usually will without any problem. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-open-twist-that-was-securing-ruffles halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-twist-closed-around-faux-burlap-ribbon Just place your ribbon strip on top of the ruffles and re-secure now with 3-4 turns. It helps you have all your layers secured together. That way they don't appear loose or just laying on top of your wreath. halloween-burlap-witch-wreath-table Once we had placed our Black and Cream Checked ribbon on the wreath, we decided that we definitely need to add some orange. And we showed you the Orange Faux Burlap that would be a good choice. But, for our tutorial today, we already had some 4" Orange Paper Mesh on our craft table, so instead of cutting into a new roll we just used the paper mesh that we already had. We mainly wanted you to see the look. But the 4" Orange Deco Paper Mesh RR700120 roll contains 20 yards, so you can typically get more than one project out of it. The Orange Paper Mesh strips were cut the same as the Black/Cream Checked. They were 12" in length, pinched in the center and twists were re-opened and the orange was placed on top of the Black/Cream Check and the twist secured with 3-4 turns. The last thing we added was the Black and Pearl Beaded Garland (XG6086). This garland is 6 feet in length and we laid the wreath down flat and loosely laid the garland on top of the wreath just securing it in about three places so of in thirds. Then we hung the wreath back up and with the weight of the beaded garland, you could see at that point where you needed to secure it better. It was secured just using the twists same as the ribbon. This completes this wreath tutorial, we hope it gave you some ideas your can use to create your own spectacular Halloween decorations.

Happy Halloween!

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