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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only


  • January 9, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Weather Update

    Snow and sleet tonight and tomorrow! Snow is a rare occurrence in I''ll have to admit, I hope it snows))) We had a little snow on Christmas day.....first time in many many years. Pence Christmas Tree Farm Pence Christmas...

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  • October 14, 2010 Jeannie Pence

    "Like" us on Facebook!

    Still trying to get our Facebook "Likes" on our Trendy Tree page up to 500 so we can give away the $50.00 Trendy Tree shopping spree. So if you haven't visited us there......drop by and click on the "Like" at...

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  • August 16, 2010 Jeannie Pence

    Strawberries and "Whupped" Cream

    Our grandchildren start putting in requests for Sunday dinner (noon-time meal in the South) early on Sunday morning. A very frequent request is strawberries and "whupped" cream. They all three love it, so I fix it. C'mon grandmothers out

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  • July 28, 2010 Jeannie Pence

    Halloween Enclosure Cards

    This information came from the Flower Shop Network. It has great ideas for Halloween enclosure cards, but the messages could be used on personal note cards or greeting cards for Halloween......and Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween Enclosure Card...

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  • July 23, 2010 Jeannie Pence

    Tree Trimming Time!

    Yes, it's tree trimming time around Pence Christmas Tree Farm! But not the kind of tree trimming where there is a soft glow of the fireplace, mugs of steaming hot chocolate and boxes of keepsake Christmas ornaments and decorations to...

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  • July 14, 2010 Jeannie Pence

    Back to Work!

    Here at Pence Christmas Tree Farm, our work surroundings are modest. Our merchandise is housed in cartons on shelves in numerical order. During our peak season we process over 150 orders per day and ship around 5,000 packages a year.We...

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