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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Start with a Premade Wreath & Add Spring Blooms

Start with a Premade Wreath & Add Spring Blooms

Did you know you can create a beautiful wreath for your front door by starting with a premade wreath? Well you can! 


Dress up a premade wreath for spring


This is a premade tea leaf wreath that Rachel dressed up with just a few spring blooms and a loopy bow.

Tea Leaf Wreath

This is a new item that just arrived and we are so excited about it! It's square tea leaf wreath, about 18" in diameter and made of plastic on a grapevine base.

square tea leaf wreath

A square wreath can be hung square or diamond shape. Just whichever you prefer or however it is suited to your door. I love the diamond style myself and have two similar wreaths on my double side entry doors.

Double boxwood wreaths hung in diamond style

Just a note. The fall bows have been removed and I'm getting ready to put new bows on with some spring and Easter ribbon)))

Spring Blooms

We received a shipment of products from RAZ Imports and Allstate this week. Both are suppliers of premium artificial florals.

Rachel chose a Real Touch Hydrangea bloom to start with.

Real Touch Hydrangea bloom

They hydrangea is a 19" spray and the subtle colors are just beautiful. I just checked and these are flying off the shelf! Only a few are left.

Next she added one, that none of us but Rachel can pronounce! A bouquet of beautiful white anemones. This is a bouquet with several stems. Doesn't this bloom just call for weddings. Simply beautiful.

White anemone artificial flower

Rachel topped off the subtle colors of the hydrangea and anemone with a big splash of color! Red Real Touch Tulips from RAZ. So real looking, you'll have to sniff to prove they aren't fresh!

Red Real Touch Tulips from RAZ

The color is red, but they work well with shades of pink too. Aren't they. just beautiful.


Rachel used three different styles of ribbon and made a free handed loopy bow. The first ribbon was a 4" grey and white Dupioni plaid. All the ribbons were wired.

4" Grey White Dupioni Plaid Ribbon

I know you may be thinking....grey for spring? But isn't it just the perfect neutral base for the next layer of ribbon. The next ribbon was a beautiful pink coral premium taffeta ribbon 2.5" in width. 

2.5" Pink Coral Taffeta Premium Satin Ribbon


Gorgeous ribbon. Your flower blooms and ribbons don't have to be too matchy matchy. The colors blend and compliment each other. All great choices for spring.

Next layer of ribbon was a classic daffodil yellow and white check ribbon at 1.5" in width.

Daffodil Yellow and White Bold Classic Check Ribbon

A narrow ribbon so to speak. Did you know that 1.5" ribbons are called #9 in the ribbon manufacturing world. Just a little nugget there))) The 2.5" ribbons are #40.

Putting it All Together

Well I wasn't present when Rachel created this gorgeous spring wreath, but I'm guessing that she first made a bundle with her flowers and secured that with rustic wire or floral wire. 

Nope! I just talked to Rachel and she used twine to secure the flower bundle and then attached the bundle of flowers to the wreath with ribbon.  I was close!

The stems can show on these florals because they look like real stems! I watched Jay Swanke once at an event as he put together a fantastic floral arrangement - in water. He used fresh stems and artificial ones too! It had never occured to me to use a combination of both.

But, he did choose artificial stems that had no wire sticking out of the bottom. The stems were all plastic, real-looking stems like the ones on the flowers above.

The bow. Rachel made a loopy bow using the 4" as the base, then the 2.5" and lastly the 1.5" yellow check ribbon. The bow had long tails and just a bit of natural colored raffia tucked in.

Wait! There's more to Rachel's bow. Look closely and you will see a little yellow Peep! I missed it when I created the video, but the Peep is actually a napkin ring. Who knew! It adds just a bit of Easter whimsy to the wreath and can be easily removed after Easter.

Yellow Peep Napkin Ring

Wait, there is still more! The twiggy sticks in the flower bundle are real curly willow pieces....likely taken from someone's yard)))).

Stay tuned for more creations by Rachel!


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