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Snowman with Top Hat Wreath Tutorial

Snowman with Top Hat Wreath Tutorial

snowman with top hat

Snowman with Top Hat Wreath Tutorial

The snowman with top hat wreath was a simple wreath to make using a basic ruffle technique. The finished wreath measured about 26-27" in width. The wreath was easy to make and just watch the video to see the steps. We'll give you a summary here along with the supply list. Insert video here (please check back, still uploading)


XX751150 24" White Iridescent Pencil Wreath A white pencil wreath was chosen for the project. Our 24" pencil wreath (and work wreaths) measure 15" across the widest portion. However, with the addition of Deco mesh, ribbons and other embellishments, the finished wreath will measure 24" or greater. You could also use a plain white work wreath or silver for the snowman with top hat wreath.

Deco Mesh

RY8503F6 10.5" White with Black Border Stripe Deco Mesh - 1 Roll RE130141 10" White Silver Metallic Deco Mesh - 1 Roll We used the two rolls of mesh completely making this wreath. You can make the wreath using two rolls of the same mesh, but we chose to use a "plain" metallic mesh for the bottom ruffle and used the border mesh on top. The reason for doing this was, the border mesh is slightly more expensive, though not much. When the border mesh sells outs, you could substitute any other style of white mesh.


Mesh was cut into 20" lengths because we did the math. There is 18 twists on the wreath, so we needed 18 pieces of each style of mesh. There is 10 yards on a roll or 360" Please note that our last two pieces of mesh were shorter than 20." However, this is such a small amount it was not noticeable in the wreath. So don't fret if you're not able to cut 18 pieces all exactly the same. It won't matter! Should you decide to use one style of mesh, you can simply cut the pieces 30" in length. If you do that, you won't use up all of both rolls, but it will take more than one. Make the ruffle by scrunching up through the center. Secure the ruffle in the twist, and place the second ruffle on top. If you can't hold both ruffles in your hand to secure at the same time, lightly secure the first and make your second ruffle. Open up the twist, lay the second ruffle down and re-secure the twist. Work all the way around the outer ring of the pencil wreath, and then fill in the inner ring with two ruffles in each twist.


Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller MD0517 Cutting Mat MD051222 45mm Rotary Cutter ez-bowmaker Deluxe E-Z Bowmaker Our favorite tools for working with mesh includes the mesh holder from Susie's Wreath Shop. The holder featured in the video making the snowman with top hat wreath, is her best seller. It's collapsible and you can store it away when not in use. You can also use the holder to cut ribbon. A cutting mat and rotary cutter is a must have. The rotary cutter spends up cutting time and the cutting mat protects your table surface and has measurements on it. You don't have to use a bow maker to make a bow of course. The tool is convenient especially when working with multiple ribbons.

Snowman Face

MD0329 12" Metal Snowman Face The metal snowman face for the Snowman with Top Hat wreath measures about 12" The face has two holes in it that you use to secure to the wreath frame. Just use full length chenille stems and secure to the wreath frame. We centered ours in the middle of the wreath. Take care not to press the sign too far down into the mesh Otherwise, the mesh will obscure the face more than you want.

Suggested Substitutions

XC6169 13" Metal Snowman Face (you could leave off the top hat pick and just use this face) Browse the website for other styles of snowman heads. Just search "snowman."

Top Hat

XP3699 Black Felt Top Hat Pick The top hat pick was inserted through the mesh and secured with zip ties to the wreath form. It was secured in two places. The stick portion of the pick was not long enough to secure to the bottom of the wreath, so we attached a chenille stem using zip ties. Then, the chenille stem was secured. The hat was placed at an angle to the snowman's face.


RGA117727 2.5" White Glitter Icicle Ribbon RG0154802 1.5" Black Falling Snow Ribbon RG0189202 1.5" Red Velvet Black Chenille Edge Ribbon We used three ribbon to make one large wreath bow for the front of the wreath. You can always do ribbon strips or loops and tails, or any combination you like.

Summing it Up

Mesh unravels, all mesh does. Clip strings when you are done as necessary. Check the back of your wreath for anything sharp and turn it toward the inside or cover it with tape. Make a hanger for the Snowman with Top Hat wreath using a chenille stem, zip tie or floral wire. If you just make a wreath both, you will have ribbon left over for another project. Thank you for visiting our blog and watching our videos, we appreciate it so much! If you have any questions about the tutorial, just leave us a comment and we'll be glad to answer. Comment if you would to see other tutorials too! Here's a couple of our previous tutorials you might like: Sunflower Wreath Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. An affiliate link to a company or product may result in a small commission based on a click through or referral fee that is paid by the seller. The amount is not added to your expense. It is a form of advertising.
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