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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
We're All in this Together

We're All in this Together


We're all hoping we will wake up one day and this pandemic will be over! It was all so strange at first, it seemed like something that happens somewhere else....not our country, not my state, not my little town, not my family. 

Slowly but surely it has touched us all. It's been anything from no symptoms, mild symptoms, gravely ill to death. We haven't lost anyone in our family, but we have several friends who have lost spouses, parents or adult children. 

Big and small businesses have been affected nationwide. Stores have closed that you would think would be impossible to go bankrupt.

Here at Trendy Tree we have been extremely lucky in that we have have been able to stay open and keep orders going out. The retail store has had to close a few days here and there but not for any prolonged time.

There have been days that we were short-handed, had people out sick and the rest overworked, but we are grateful that we have been able to keep working.

Trendy Tree has grown from a two-man business (husband and wife) to a warehouse and separate retail business with 7 employees, not counting the husband and wife! Plus we have some part-time folks that we call on and other family members when needed.

We are most thankful and we appreciate our customers' support, friendship and community activity that allows us to stay in business and provide employment for others to care for their families.

Maybe we can soon turn the page on this pandemic and get back to normal or the new normal whatever that may be. 

We're seeing products coming out to help you support our healthcare workers and essential workers. We're beginning to get new ribbons and signs that you can use to show your support. Here are a few examples.


healthcare worker sign and ribbon


 healthcare work sign and ribbon


Thank you for visiting our blog! We appreciate it so much. If you have any questions or comments, just contact us here: Trendy Tree Blog




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