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Old Fashioned Paper Garland but Made with Ribbon!

Old Fashioned Paper Garland but Made with Ribbon!

My inspiration for this blog post was the Peppermint Parlor Christmas Tree by RAZ. It's a beautiful tree! 

How to make ribbon garland that resembles this RAZ garland.

I love everything about this tree! The huge peppermint lollipops and candy canes, the ball picks and candies. And the unexpected pop of icy blue! That's a color I wouldn't have imagined putting tree! But the cool blue adds to the icy frosty look too.

My favorite item from this tree is the red and white old fashioned paper garland. Haven't we all made paper garlands at one time or another! Or, helped our kids or grandchildren do it. 

The garland just caught my eye and made me think, we have a ribbon in stock that looks just like that! It's an icy, glittered ribbon that is 1.5" in width. So I thought, wonder how that ribbon would work like a paper garland. So here's what I found!

garland made from 1.5" christmas ribbon

Watch the video below.

The ribbon SKU is RW7620F3 and is a red and white vertical stripe. The edges are wired. Of course you could use so many different styles of ribbon to make a similar garland. 

red and white vertical stripe ribbon


Here's some other 1.5" Christmas ribbons that would be pretty I think.

1.5" white red, blue green striped ribbon.

71022-09-17 1.5" White linen, red, lime, blue glitter stripes


beige and white falling snow ribbon


RG0554801 1.5" Beige with white glitter snowflakes

Lots of options when it comes to ribbon! Plus, if you're a crafter or wreath maker, I bet you have tons of short ends of ribbon left. Mix up Christmas patterns and make a garland. Great way to use up those scraps!

I experimented with some jelly ribbon too in Halloween colors...and loved how it turned out!

jelly and glitter ribbon at trendy tree


Jelly Ribbon

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