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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
RAZ  Christmas Sleigh

RAZ Christmas Sleigh

raz-wooden-sleigh-twig-branches 3300153 RAZ Wooden Sleigh Antique White
RAZ has several different styles of sleighs this year and the 31" shown above is the largest hat we have in stock. It's a beautiful sleigh made of wood and in an antique white, distressed color. This sleigh could be decorated in so many different ways. Shown above filled with RAZ Birch Bundles and greenery. You could use fresh greens though for a wonderful Christmas smell. You could also fill it with packages, large stuffed animals or a collection of old toys or dolls. The sleigh is shipped with the runners off, so you have to attach them on arrival.
raz-silver-red-metal-sleigh-floral-arrangement 3428858 RAZ 28" Sleigh
The 3428858 RAZ Sleigh is new this year and from the 2014 Sleigh Bells Collection. It measure about 14.5" X 28" X 9.5" and is made of metal. A simple floral decoration was added with some beautifully embroidered ribbon. Sorry but we don't have any of the products that the floral was made of, but you can easily substitute with some greenery, ribbons and sprays. Here a a few suggestion to achieve this same look.
XX1700-northwood-flocked-teardrop XX1700 Northwood Flocked Teardrop Pine Spray
F3406685-wrapped-pom-pom-branch-assorted F3406685 RAZ Wrapped Pom Pom Branches
F3411923-jingle-bell-spray-assorted F3411923 RAZ Jingle Bell Cluster Spray
ra21448g-red-fresh-green-cream-check-faux-burlap-4-inch RA21448G Faux Burlap Checked Ribbon
raz-antique-white-wood-sleigh-snowy-floral 3300153 RAZ Wood Sleigh Antique White
Here's another view of the RAZ 3300253 Wood Sleigh filled with a floral arrangement made from RAZ Snowy Pine branches, pine greenery and rich red ribbon. We do have the Snowy Pine Branches in stock. They measure about 31" in length and have tiny little pinecones attached.
f3306227-snowy-branch-tiny-pinecones-spray F3306227 RAZ Snowy Branch with Pinecones
RA132024-loose-weave-burlap-red-4-inch RA132024 Red Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon
You've seen us use this 4" Loose Weave Red Burlap ribbon in many of our projects....we call it our cheap burlap! Wonderful color and texture, wired edges and perfect for decorating. We have it in 4" and 2.5"
raz-red-metal-sleigh-silver-red-elves 3336411 RAZ Metal Sleigh Antique Red
In this image, RAZ has paired up three different sizes of elves on their 18" Antique Red Metal Sleigh. The largest of these elves are the 30" and we're sold out of this style, but we do still have the 20" Elves and the 10" Elves These elves are very elegant looking in their silver and red costumes. They are from the RAZ Silhouettes Collections. It's a really cute look. Here are some other 30" RAZ Elves that we do have in the moment)))
3402536-raz-multicolor-elf-30-inches 3402536 RAZ Candy Sprinkles 30" Elf
3402367-posable-elf-santa-suit-30-inch 3402367 RAZ Posable Elf in Santa Suit 30"
You can mix and match your elves too! Seems like the faces on the elves for 2014 are a little more cheerful and friendly instead of the usual mischievous look.
raz-red-metal-sleigh-lighted-snowball G3414475 RAZ Lighted Snowball Garland
This is a large 34" RAZ Sleigh and not one that we have in stock, but we do have the RAZ Lighted Snowball Garland, so we wanted to share this decorating idea with you. Looks like RAZ must have used two garlands in this image, so with a smaller sleigh you could probably just use one. The balls on this garland are up to 5" in width, so they make a nice impact of light.
G3414475-lighted-snowball-garland G3414475 RAZ Lighted Snowball Garland
Looks like this Lighted Snowball Garland is nestled on a bed of greenery. You could also throw in more ornaments, or fill with pinecones instead. Pinecones with LED battery lights.....makes a beautiful decoration that you can tuck anywhere in your room since you don't have to position it near an electrical outlet Hope you enjoyed these sleigh ideas from RAZ. Wooden and metal sleighs are just can bring them out every year in your decorating with a completely different look each time moving from whimsical with elves and elegant with silver and gold balls and sprays......natural with branches and snow ....lots of way to change up the look. We hope you'll comment and share your thoughts of how you would fill these sleighs for the holidays))
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