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RAZ Paperboard Balloon Ornaments

yellow polka dot balloon ornaemntHuge, glittered paperboard ornaments in the shape of balloons with streamers. These ornaments are great for your birthday parties or even holiday decorations. They are made of thick paperboard that has been heavily glittered and decorated with contrasting polka dots. Balloon ornaments look cute hanging by ribbon in windows, from light fixtures or even the ceiling. They can be turned upside down and suspended from ribbons to look like ornaments. The ornaments measure approximately 10 3/4" in width 12 1/2" in height. Each has about a 5" organza ribbon for hanging and streamers of organza ribbon in red, blue and green. These could easily be removed and changed to match your other decorations. They would look great on the wall in a playroom or child's room as decoration,

fuchsia balloon ornament with polka dotsorange balloon ornamentgreen balloon ornamentWho doesn't love balloons!

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