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RAZ Battery Powered Lighted Branches

The battery powered lighted branch is new from RAZ this year. It is a brown twig that is flexible and has 60 clear lights. It measures about 19 in length and has a battery pack that requires 3 AA batteries. raz battery powered lighted branches This centerpiece put together by the RAZ designers with items from the Over the River Through the Hills collection for 2011, uses a set of the battery powered branches. A small artificial arrangement was created and placed in the Santa's bag. The battery powered branches have been bent or flexed into a complimentary position.

raz battery powered lighted branched, brown stems with 60 clear lights

Battery powered lighted branches will be perfect for areas where a cord would be unsightly. This RAZ wreath also from the Over the River and Through the Hills collection, uses three sets of the branches. I can see already how useful these battery powered branches will be.....hope I've ordered enough! I get dibs on the first case)))
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