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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Patriotic Wreath Supply Kit

Patriotic Wreath Supply Kit

Patriotic Wreath Products from Trendy Tree


Patriotic Wreath Kit

Product Link: Patriotic Wreath Supply Kit - Sorry but this kit has already sold out but some of the individual products may still be available. 

This kit contains products for making a Patriotic Wreath. There is not a tutorial for using these specific products, but we are happy to give you suggestions and you can review one of our previous ruffle wreath tutorials for guidance.


Products Included in this Kit:

24" Royal Blue Wreath Form

24" Royal Blue Pencil Wreath Form

USA Sign for Patriotic Wreath at Trendy Tree

12" Metal USA Sign - Established in 1776


White Faux Jute Mesh Red Blue Border Stripe Deco Poly Mesh at Trendy Tree

10.5" White Faux Jute Mesh with Red, White Blue Border Stripe - 2 Rolls

2.5" Red with Large White Stars Ribbon at Trendy Tree

2.5" Red with Large White Stars 

1.5" White with Red and Blue Stars Patriotic Ribbon at Trendy Tree

1.5" White with Red and Blue Glitter Stars

2.5" Royal Blue with Metallic Dot Patriotic Ribbon at Trendy Tree

2.5" Royal Blue with Red and White Metallic Dots

1.5" Royal Red White Glitter Diagonal Plaid Patriotic Ribbon at Trendy Tree

Putting it Together

The kit includes two rolls of 10.5" deco mesh. My suggestion would be to make a ruffle wreath.

The ruffle wreath is one of the easiest wreath to make especially for a beginner wreath maker.

Since the two rolls of mesh are the same style, you could just make 30" ruffles and put one ruffle in each twist. If you choose to put two ruffles in each twist, just cut the ruffles 15" in length. I have included a link to a ruffle wreath tutorial in that tutorial the mesh was cut in 20" lengths - two ruffles used. 

Either way, you would have 30" of mesh in each twist which will be full and thick.


The 12" round metal sign has a couple of holes in it to for securing to the wreath form. You can use chenille stems to secure the sign to the wreath form. Take care not to pull the sign too far down into the mesh. Otherwise, it will be obscured from the mesh.


You can add ribbon strips, bows or a combination of both. Sometimes I make three fairly large bows and position the around the wreath. Sometimes I may make one large bow and secure it bottom front. 

Just experiment with the look that you want. If you choose to add three bows, you might want to make the bows and secure them. Any remaining ribbon could be used for ribbon strips in areas that the bows don't cover. 


Always check the back of your wreath to make sure you don't have anything sharp that might scratch a door. Clip frays rather than pull. All mesh frays, so you will have to clip strings.

Make a hanger for your wreath with chenille stems, zip ties or floral wire.

Enjoy your wreath! 

Check back with us soon, we have more kits on the way!


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Patriotic Wreath Kit Supplies






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