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Old Boxwood Wreath - New Look!

Old Boxwood Wreath - New Look!

boxwood wreath with tulips


Yesterday I took down my boxwood wreaths and removed the Easter bows and carrot decorations. Changing up a premade boxwood wreath is so easy! Anyone can do it. 

If you're not a crafty person or wreath maker, this is still something that you can do. 

A premade wreath is one of the easiest wreaths to dress up for your front door. I have two square boxwoods on my side entryways and just change out the decorations for the season or event.

You can do the same easy change out with a Eucalyptus or Magnolia wreath. Anything that is thick and green. Not talking about a pine wreath here which works fine for the winter season.


For this project we do have some kits that contain a boxwood wreath, three ribbons, pom pom ribbon and a tulip bundle. I'll list the individual supplies or alternatives you can choose from once the kit as sold out. They never last long!

Trendy Tree Box Flamingo Wreath Kit

Individual Supplies or Alternatives

  • MTF22040 - Boxwood Wreath
  • RG0169809 - 2.5" Lime Flamingo Ribbon
  • 47101-09-20 - 1.5" Black White Classic Check Ribbon (sold out)
  • RX9143WT - 2.5" Large Multi Dot Pink White Ribbon
  • 247-34 - Lime Pom Pom Wired String 25yds
  • 61386PK - 20" Tulip Bush


RW813802 1.5" Black White Check Dashed Edge

Please note that our blog posts stay available even after some or all of the products used are sold out. You can always pick out different ribbons, florals, etc and follow the same technique to create a similar project.


Easy Flower Bush Cutter

EZ Bowmaker

RA1574 Natural Jute Twine

Zip Ties, Chenille Stems, Floral Pick


The first thing was to make a small bundle from six of the tulip stems. They were secured together with a zip tie and ends wrapped in jute twine just to cover them up.

boxwood wreath

The stems would likely be covered by the bow, but it never hurts to add a little extra touch. I didn't use any hot glue on anything, because this was a decoration for my own use.

Make a bow with the ribbons either free-handed or use the EZ Bowmaker like I did.  The bow was 12" in width and tails were 16"

ez bowmaker at trendy tree

Attach the floral bundle to the back of the bow with the chenille stem and insert a floral pick. (I used a wooden skewer from the kitchen and just shortened it.)

Insert the bow/flower bouquet into the Styrofoam of the wreath. If your wreath is not on a Styrofoam base, just use some floral wire or a couple of chenille stems and secure around the form.

Final Touch

Trim the ends of your ribbon if you like with a dove-tail or angled cut. If you're using different ribbon and it has a pretty back side, roll it up so the back shows. Give the ribbons a little life by running your fingers down the streamers to give it a little curl. Adjust or fluff out the bow as necessary.

bow made with ez bowmaker at trendy tree

Move the tulips around a bit and have some facing to the side and some to the front.

boxwood wreath with tulips from trendy tree

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