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lavender berry bush in six colors

New Product! Lavender Berry Bush

A new shipment of fall and winter product just arrived to Trendy Tree! Today we showcasing the lavender berry bush. 

But it's not lavender you say.....that's right! We have it in six beautiful colors just in time for your fall wreath and floral creations.

What is a Lavender Bush?

An artificial lavender berry bush is a synthetic replica of a lavender bush, designed to mimic the appearance and beauty of real lavender flowers and berries. Real lavender is usually shades of purple, pink, yellow, or white. But since these are artificial we have burgundy, red, royal blue, yellow, orange, and beige))

These lavender berry bushes measure about 24" in length and are very full with assorted greenery, blooms and clusters of berries. They make a great filler bush at a fantastic price.

lavender berry bushes in various colors



63048-RD Red Lavender Berry Bush

63048-RO BL Royal Blue Lavender Berry Bush

63048-OR Orange Lavender Berry Bush

yellow, beige, and burgundy artificial lavender berry bushes

63048-YEL Yellow Lavender Berry Bush

63048-BE Beige Lavender Berry Bush

63048-BG Burgundy Lavender Berry Bush

Stay tuned for more new products!

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