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Mossy Tree Bark with Succulents

Mossy Tree Bark with Succulents

Moss Covered Tree Bark Use as a base for floral arrangements with succulents

Moss Covered Tree Bark

We get a lot of questions at Trendy Tree about this product. Unless you see how it's used, it can be a little difficult to imagine how to work it into your project.

Here's a image that we saw in the showroom when we ordered the product.





Moss covered tree bark filled with succulents


This image gives you an idea of how you could create a floral with succulents and the mossy log or tree bark. 

It's completely artificial and has a hollow like center that you can fill with a bit of foam to add your stems. Of course this image came from the showroom and was created by a designer so you may think....I could never do that. But take a look at this!

Andi McCraw Nolen, member of the Trendy Tree Wreath Club and Trendy Tree customer, very graciously shared her images of two arrangements she made with the moss covered tree bark. I think you will agree with me that they are simply outstanding!

moss tree bark with succulents



 Andi has created a uniquely beautiful arrangement that would be suitable from spring thru summer. The pastel shades of pink, blue and green compliment each other and have such a fresh, living, look. Different textures are picked up in the greenery she chose as a base for the succulents. 

moss covered tree bark with succulents

This creation is available for purchase from Andi. You can visit her Facebook page and leave her a message. This & That Crafts

Here's another beautiful arrangement that Andi did using jewel tone succulents. Jewel tones are big this year!

moss covered tree bark with jewel tone succulents

Love the rich colors of the teal and burgundy. Perfect for fall thru winter....just about all year round actually. Either of these pieces would be beautiful on a bookcase shelf, coffee table, any sort of table top surface. Very unique!

moss covered tree bark with jewel tone succulents

Some lucky person has already purchased this one but check out Andi's business page for more floral arrangements and wreaths. She has creations for all occasions. Here's that link again: This & That Crafts Drop in and say hello, tell her Trendy Tree sent you!

A big thanks to Andi for sharing her creativity with us.

If you have any questions or comments, just drop us a note. We love hearing from our readers))

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