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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Moss Covered Tree Bark Easter Arrangement

Moss Covered Tree Bark Easter Arrangement

tree bark Moss covered tree bark. Don't you just love new and interesting products! Well, we sure do at Trendy Tree and this fern covered tree bark container really peaked our interest at market. Well they just arrived and Rachel couldn't wait to get her hands on it. She decorated one up for the Trendy Tree store just in time for Easter. But the store is closed right now because of COVID-19 so we decided to just show you how to make one for yourself! All the supplies are available on the Trendy Tree website, except for the little bunny and she just used than as an example of a little Easter accent to add to your arrangement.


S1496-S 18" Fern Moss Covered Tree Bark 24184 Cream Pink Mini Tulip Bundle F3802093 RAZ Succulent Set of 4 Other optional tulip colors: 24183 Red Mini Tulip Bundle 24182 Dark Pink Beauty Mini Tulip Bundle 24181 Orange Mini Tulip Bundle

Tree Bark

The tree bark looks sort of like a piece of bark, covered in fern most and rolled up. It is tapered down on the ends and has a sort of trough like center. tree bark, mossy log, moss covered barkIt's make of foam and other synthetic products. The tree bark will sit flat on a surface.

Mini Tulips

The mini tulips come in a bundle of seven stems and several colors are available. Rachel chose the cream and pink for the tree bark project. She just unbundled the tulips and inserted them into the tree bark. She did not use any hot glue the pick machine. You could always use a bit of hot glue if needed and the stemming machine if you have trouble inserting the stems. mini tulip, tree bark


The RAZ succulents are sold in a set of four. Rachel chose just a couple of the succulents and inserted them in the tree bark. raz succulents


The little rabbit was one that we have in the Trendy Tree store, it's not available on the website. Rachel used it just to give you an example of how you could make this an Easter floral using the little bunny. You could also use Easter eggs or chicks and after Easter, just remove them and continue using the tree bark arrangement. easter arrangement Frogs would be a good spring summer choice too. Using a small bird nest comes to mind also. Thanks for visiting the Trendy Tree blog, we appreciate it! If you enjoyed this post, here are a few more that you might like. Easter Lantern with Jelly Ribbon Bow Twig Easter Egg Wall Hanging Versatile Spring or Easter Lantern *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. Affiliate links may result in a small commission based on a click-through or referral fee paid by the seller. It is a form of advertising.
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