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Lollipops.....who doesn't love them! Great for eating.....parties.....special treats.....and also great for decorating. raz 21' lollipop Course, here at Trendy Tree, the only Lollipops we sell.....are the decorative kind.....sadly. But I was browsing around today....Pinterest has been my new way of relaxing! If you haven't tried must. And if you need an invitation, just let me know! Anyway, back to Lollipops. This year we have several new styles of Lollipops, some rather large Lollipops and smaller one. Plus we even have more coming in from another supplier that we don't even have listed on the website yet! The Lollipops are just great hanging on the tree for decoration, but I wanted to find some other uses besides just the Christmas Tree. This great centerpiece from RAZ uses two different styles of Lollipops from the Gumdrops and Jellybeans Collection. raz gumdrops and jellybeans centerpiece A couple of RAZ Candy Garlands are used inside the container and around the base. lollipop flower pot decoration These decorations feature real lollipops from Dylan's Candy Bar (photo by Kate Sears). The presentation was featured on Rachael Ray Magazine as a birthday centerpiece. I was thinking that you could take this same idea and use the decorative lollipops. You could use Christmas containers.....or any sort of pretty pot decorated for your color scheme. These pots were filled with Conversation Hearts, jelly beans, rock candy and Red Hots and the lollipops nested in the mix. I think you could use Styrofoam to hold the lollipops and just add some candy on top to cover the Styrofoam....or add bits of tinsel, paper shreds or something like that. peppermint lollipops in white bucket These Peppermint Lollipops (again, the real thing), look crisp and fresh in the simple white buckets. This photo was by Anita Calero and featured on Great Christmas looks that kids will love)) You could also dress up your Lollipops with a bit of clear cellophane. Just wrap them in clear cellophane, gather at the neck and tie with bright ribbon in your color scheme. This will add shine and sparkle and even help them last longer! Some of the Lollipops we had last year from RAZ came wrapped in cellophane and there is just something about that crackly feel and shine.....don't we all love things wrapped up pretty.
Just do a search on Trendy Tree for "lollipop" You should receive a return of about 9 different styles.....and more to come!
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