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Lighted Pinecone Branch Centerpiece

I wanted to share this image from RAZ with you because it looks so simple to create and makes such an outstanding statement. Clear vases, lighted branches and pine cones.....sounds simple enough!

The taller vase is filled with the new RAZ Lighted Pinecone Branches. They are actually snowy pine cone branches and consist of three separated branches that are wired together and have an electrical adapter.

It would be easy to assemble the branches in a tall vase filled with chunks of Styrofoam, marbles or even rocks. Bunches of Spanish Moss fill the top of the container.

Faux Moss Bark Garland, or ribbon is wrapped around the glass vase. This is a new product for RAZ this year and comes in two styles - the Faux Moss Bark and Faux Snowy Bark Garland.

Products from nature were really in vogue at market this year and we chose many items from the Forest Frost and Telluride Sleigh Ride Collections for Trendy Tree.

The Faux Moss Bark Garland is made of paper, measures about 3" in width and also comes wired for easy decorating.

The branches in the vase on the left are battery powered branches that operate off 3 AA batteries. The branches have about 60 LED warm white lights.

These branches came out last year from RAZ, but this year they include a timer setting. You can set the time to come on, it will stay on for six hours, and then repeat every 18 hours. Pretty handy! Simple pinecones fill the vase and hide the stems of the branches and the battery compartment. You can purchase pineone by the bag at craft supply stores....or pick up some fresh ones free of charge)))

I've used pinecones that we've picked up in the yard on many occasions and haven't done anything special to them before using except to make sure they are dry. You can spray them with a touch of clear shellac to brighten them up a bit or even touch them up with a little bit of snow paint.

Dipping the pinecones in liquid floor cleaner like Mop N Glow will give them a sheen and a protective coating....just make sure they are dry before using.

These vases of lighted branches could be used for your fall decorating and go right on into the Christmas Season.....just add a few picks of red berries or something with some glitter and sparkle, maybe change the Faux Moss Garland into some nice wide wired Christmas ribbon and you would have a whole fresh new look.

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