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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Let Love Grow Wreath Supply Kit

Let Love Grow Wreath Supply Kit

let love grow, ruffle wrath Looking for a wreath to make and find it difficult to pick out supplies? Well we're making it easy for you with this Let Love Grow Wreath Supply Kit. When we go to market several times a year to stock up on products, we always take some time to pick out a several products that would work well in wreath supply kits. Most of the time, our plan is to do a tutorial for each specific kit, but sometimes the time just isn't there to get the tutorials done. With that said, we still have the products we picked out. We can make some suggestions for you to make this wreath and give you links to follow to learn how to do the ruffle technique etc. This way, you make it your unique design with just a little help pick out supplies. Purchase: Let Love Grove Wreath Supply Kit We will list the supplies individually also. As the kits sell out, you may want to purchase individual supplies or choose alternatives such as different mesh, ribbons, work wreath color etc.

Wreath Form

XX748839 - 24" Cream Work Wreath - our 24" wreaths measure 15" across the widest ring, but with the addition of mesh, ribbons etc, you wind up with a finished wreath that measure 24" or greater. The wreath form has twists that you use to hold mesh and ribbons.


MD0495 12" Metal Let Love Grow Sign - The sign was our focal point for the wreath. It's made of metal and trimmed with flowers and greenery. It's has beautiful colors and we picked out mesh and ribbon that we thought complimented the sign. The sign could be secured in the middle of the wreath using chenille stems or off to side. Place it whichever you prefer. ]\

Deco Mesh

RY830683 10.5" Cream Faux Jute Check Mesh - The faux jute means that the mesh contains Polypropylene and faux jute which is likely a Polyester type fiber. This gives it a little more texture than just plain mesh with foil. The check refers to the patter style or weave. It's not a check with different colors, but the pattern has a check appearance. RY830618 10.5" Natural Faux Jute Check Mesh. This mesh has two colors a natural and cream or white color. Each of the rolls contain 10 yards. It will not take all of both rolls to make the Let Love Grow Wreath, but it will take more than one. We would recommend cutting mesh into 15" lengths for the ruffle technique. There are 18 twists on the work wreath, so you will need 18 pieces of each style of mesh. You can make the ruffles 15" in length and apply two ruffles to each twist. You can stack one color mesh on top of the other and alternate if you wish. Or go all the way around with one color and put the other color on top.


RGA143315 2.5" Printed Plaid Ribbon - Pink base with lime, dark pink, and medium blue. This is a wire edge ribbon and has 10 yards on a roll. RG01677E9 1.5" Lime Stitched Squares - Lime and white raised stitched squares. This ribbon is great all year round. Wired and 10 Yards on a roll. RG016225 2.5" Royal Blue Swiss Dots - Royal blue and white, wired ribbon, 10 yards. Wired ribbon on a 10 yard roll. RG202884 1.5" Ric Rac - Lime, fuchsia and turquoise ribbon. Wire and a 10 yard roll. Ribbons can be applied to the Let Love Grow Wreath by doing ribbon strips, bows or a combination of both. You can also just do loops and tails. Ribbon strips cut about 12-13" and using in a cluster of four ribbons is sometimes the simplest way. Just browse through the wreath tutorials and look for a style you like and follow that tutorial.

Putting it All Together

Here's a link to a similar style wreath we made a while back. It also uses 10" mesh, a round sign in the center and four styles of ribbon: Happy Easter Wreath And here's another tutorial with the same size mesh, three ribbons and a round sign. The sign is on on the side of this wreath: How to Make a Football Wreath The Let Love Grow Wreath will be a pretty door wreath that you can use spring and summer or all round actually. You can make it unique by putting your own personal style to it. If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We love hearing from our readers. Also, if you would like to see more kits similar to these, even though there may not be a specific tutorial, please let us know. We want to provide products that will help you get started in crafting and wreath making. But, let me warn you, wreath making can be addictive! let love grown, wreath kit, ruffle wreath
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