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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Pumpkin Sign with Hand Tied Funky Bow

Pumpkin Sign with Hand Tied Funky Bow

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Sharing a quick video that we did making this simple little hand tied funky bow to spruce up this white pumpkin sign.

The sign is really fine without any embellishment, but it has this little touch of gold accent with glitter on the edge and the "hello fall" that we wanted to capitalize one.

We had some scrap ribbon and made a small bow using a technique that we've seen Julie Siomacco with Southern Charm Wreaths do. She calls it a funky bow and we love it! The best part about it, is that you use up your scrap ribbon!

Julie has been designing wreaths for years and teaches people how to create wreaths and make a business out of it. She has many free tutorials on bow making and wreath making also on her Southern Charm Wreaths website. Visit her page to learn more.


Here's the pumpkin signs, they are about 19" in ht and have a metal easel back. You can choose from the white or the natural, both have the gold accent and the easel back. They come with a small burlap bow too.


Now we have lots of ribbon for you to choose from on Trendy Tree, over 2,000 SKU's.....and if you've shopped with us before, I bet you have just the ribbon that will work)))

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funky bow, hand tied bow, bow with scrap ribbon,


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We used three different styles of 1.5" ribbon on this hand tied funky bow. Watch the video below, it's easy!

Here's more posts with different styles of bowmaking:

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