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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Make a Halloween Mailbox Cover with a Straight Pencil Rail and Mesh

Make a Halloween Mailbox Cover with a Straight Pencil Rail and Mesh

Halloween Mailbox Cover with Deco Mesh from Trendy Tree

Note: This post was originally written several years ago. The exact products may no longer be available, but similar ones can be substituted.

This tutorial was written even before we started doing video so are there some changes that I would do today? Yes...I'll add those hindsights at the end of the post.

Halloween Mailbox Cover


22" Pencil Rail - color of choice

10" Mesh - color(s) of choice

Halloween Sign - style of choice


The straight pencil rail, sometimes called ribbon rail measures 22" in length and 4" in width.  It's available in several colors and in stock now.

The finished mailbox cover measures about 16-17" in ht and depth and about 20-21" in width. mailbox-cover-straight-ribbon-rail

 The metal can be bent and shaped into a mailbox type cover. This project was for a standard sized residential type mailbox.

Mailbox cover tutorial using a straight pencil rail and Deco mesh from Trendy Tree

You can use any color of mesh that suits you for Halloween, we have many styles to choose from. Just stay within the 10" to 10.5" products for this project. 

We used three rolls of mesh with some left over from each style

Cut the mesh in 20" lengths. (see hindsight notes below)

Cutting Deco Mesh with a Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat at Trendy Tree


We used a rotary cutter and cut all three styles of mesh at the same time. We were also using a self-healing cutting mats. Here's a link to a rotary cutter that we now have in stock.

Rotary Cutter for Deco Mesh at Trendy Tree

We are temporarily out of the self-healing cutting mats, but here's our link to one that you can get on Amazon:



Ruffle Technique

We used the ruffle technique, it was actually new when this article was first written)) 

Ruffle technique for a mailbox cover using Deco Mesh from Trendy Tree

Just pinch or gather up thru the center of the mesh. Secure the "ruffle" in a twist. It doesn't matter where you start on the rail.

We alternated different styles of ruffles and just worked all the way around the rail. 

Make a mailbox cover using deco mesh and a straight pencil rail from Trendy Tree 

Mailbox cover made with Deco mesh from Trendy Tree

Secure a ruffle in a twist and work around the rail. After one layer had been added, we continued to alternate and placed three ruffles total in each twist. 

Deco Mesh Mailbox cover, supplies from Trendy Tree

You may find that you need to add a cluster of ruffles on the edges where there is no twist. You can do this with a chenille stem or zip tie.

The sign that we used is no longer available, but you can choose one that will work with your mailbox cover. Depending on the style of the sign, you can usually secure with chenille stems, floral wire or zip ties.

To make our sign stand upright, we inserted wooden pick (skewers from the kitchen).

Halloween Signs at Trendy Tree

Smaller signs could be placed on either side of the mailbox cover. Once the mailbox cover is placed over the mailbox, use some small tie down, twine or floral wire to secure in place. Just attach to the ends of the mailbox over and go under the mailbox.

In Hindsight

Straight Rail: I wouldn't change anything about the rail itself. Just choose a color of your liking.

Deco Mesh: Stay with a 10" or 10.5" mesh. Generally you need about 30" of mesh in a twist. So if I were using just one color of mesh, I could cut the strips 30" in length and add one ruffle to a twist.

If I used two colors of mesh, I would cut the strips 15" in length and add two ruffles to a twice. Using three colors of mesh, cut 10" strips and add three ruffles to a twist.

Remember, the more cuts in the mesh, the more unraveling you have. My personal preference would be to use the 15" or 30" cuts and slightly rolls the edges under and gather. Having the edges rolled under a bit will help reduce unraveling.

Cut ravels off instead of pulling.

I also might add some ribbon strips to each twist or make a bow for each side.


Straight ribbon rails are plentiful at Trendy Tree right now, so this would be a good project to work on. We have lots of mesh that is perfect Halloween colors. I love Halloween....I need to make another one of these for myself))) This time I'll do a video.

Thanks for visiting our blog, we appreciate. If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a note: 

Contact: Trendy Tree Blog





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