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Fresh Flowers for Valentine's Day

Fresh Flowers for Valentine's Day

Fresh flowers for Valentine's Day. Be still my heart! Fresh flowers are just so special. They say I love you, I care about you and I'm thinking of you. 

They are not just for Valentine's Day....they work for any occasion, or. none at all. When you don't know what to say, what to give, or what to can never go wrong with flowers.

fresh flowers for valentine's day


As much as I have always loved fresh flowers, I would have never in a million years dreamed that anyone in the family would be in the flower business!

Yet, here we are. Trendy Tree......right smack in the middle of the fresh flower business.

We're still located in the warehouse in industrial park, Pontotoc, MS, but a front room has been allocated for the flower business. 

The warehouse is not open to the public for shopping, but you're more than welcome to place your order online and arrange for pick up if you live locally.

You can drop in and visit with Rachel or make an appointment to discuss event planning. Rachel does flowers for all kinds of events, weddings, special occasions and more.

Trendy Tree flowers are "happy" flowers. We don't do traditional funeral sprays at this time.

 fresh valentine flowers

Rachel is even working on a subscription service that you can purchase to have fresh flowers delivered to your chosen one or place of business on special days or a timed service such as weekly, monthly ect.

Once the Valentine rush is over I'll get with Rachel and get the details on this service. It's already is progress I believe because I've been seeing a lot of flowers go out the door!

Flowers are the perfect gift for someone who is "hard to buy for." Hey.....I could be talking about myself here.......I know...I know....I've heard it before and you have to. 

And I'll have to admit, there was a time if my husband had gotten me flowers, it would have upset me! Not because I didn't appreciate them, but we couldn't afford them! 

It was hard to enjoy a bouquet that (at that period in our lives) cost as much as weekly groceries. Hard the past. Let's don't dwell on the past)))

Nowadays, I'm happy anytime someone comes to the door with a bouquet whether it be professional fresh flowers or blooms picked from someone's yard. 

You would think as much as I love flowers I would probably have something blooming in the yard all the not. Just don't have that green thumb like my grandmother. Her yard bloomed almost year round, or so it seemed.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my Valentine flowers)))) And I'll get back to you with more about the flower subscription service. I think it's going to be big and I suspect my husband will be one of first customers to sign up for it.

fresh flowers from trendy tree




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