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Elegant Tablescape with Natural Colors, Burlap, Lace and Deco Paper Mesh

Elegant Tablescape with Natural Colors, Burlap, Lace and Deco Paper Mesh

burlap-lace-tablescape-1 This beautiful table was photographed at the Craig Bachman Imports showroom on our last visit there and we now have several of the products in stock that you can use to create this elegant look in your own home. Lets look at more of the details and we'll show you the products we have as we go along. First is the Sheer Flower Table Cover. This just arrived this week! It measures 49" square and can be placed over any color under cloth. For this table it was a natural sackcloth colored tablecloth. RK2273-sheer-flower-table-cover-3 burlap-lace-tablescape-napkin The napkin is a sackcloth material, but what we wanted to show you is the delicate flower used as a napkin ring. The flower was made from what looks like a sackcloth or burlap ribbon. You can make these flowers easily from all sorts of ribbon but it has to be wire edge. Here's a link to a post showing you how to make the ribbon flower: Tutorial for Candle Wrapper Using Ribbon Flowers. burlap-lace-tablescape-napkin-ring The napkin ring was made from a strip of Paper Flower Ribbon and hot glue. The ribbon flower was secured to the napkin ring with hot glue. RA117518-paper-flower-ribbon-natural The Natural Paper Flower Ribbon measures 4" in width and 10 yards in length. To make the napkin ring, just cut on either side of the stitching on the ribbon for the desired width. For the napkin ring above, about a 1" strip was cut. One roll of this....would really make a lot of napkin rings! But, you'll find other uses for it in this tablescape. It looks great layered with burlap and Deco Paper Mesh products. We also have the Paper Flower Ribbon in Ivory and White from RAZ Imports. burlap-lace-tablescape-silverware-packet The silverware packet was made from 4" Deco Paper Mesh. This was either Chocolate Brown or Natural. Both are nice shades of brown that blend well with this tablescape. RR700131-woven-paper-mesh-chocolate-4-inch Just measure the length of ribbon you need based on the size of your silverware and fashion a pocket by folding the ribbon together leaving one end longer than the other. You may have to pull a string across the cut edges to get them perfectly straight. Use a thin strip of hot glue down the outside edges to secure the packet. The little flower was made by using a contrasting color of Deco Paper Mesh and a few pearl beads hot glued to top it off. The flower was hot glued to the packet to complete it. The packet is such a nice touch! burlap-lace-tablescape-chair-bow The simple wooden chairs were decorated with a wide bow using several different materials. The first was an 8" Natural Burlap open weave wired ribbon.
Wired Jute Wired Jute
This entire roll of jute is wired throughout making it easy to create bows and tails that will hold their shape. It measures 8.5" in width and 5 yards in length and is available in several colors. Using moss and naturals in this tablescape would look nice for Thanksgiving. The next layer is a bow made with a sackcloth ribbon that is checked on the back and lace on the top. We don't have this particular ribbon, but we have other 4" ribbons that would work equally as well to achieve this same look. You can see our burlap, cotton, natural fiber ribbons at this link: Burlap Jute Canvas Cotton Ribbon The pearl beads will be arriving later this year, but they are on a spray that you can cut and separate and just wire into the bow. It really adds an elegant touch. The nice thing about these chair bows is that they are reusable. Just undo, roll up and use the products again for another event. burlap-lace-tablescape-chair-bow-2 Here's another idea for a chair bow for chairs that would have their backs to the wall. This bow is made of 10" Cream Deco Paper Mesh and topped off with a burlap or sackcloth ribbon flower. burlap-lace-tablescape-table-number Love how plain 10" Deco Paper Mesh adds to this table sign. Deco Paper mesh will tend to lie flat when used as table runners versus Deco Mesh that curls up. 10" and 21" widths were used in the surrounding tables adjacent to this dinner table as the base of decorations with pearls, twig garland, lighted branches etc layered on top. Sure covers up a less than beautiful table top too. burlap-lace-tablescape-window Window drapes were made of wired burlap, paper mesh, grapevine garland and silk flowers. burlap-lace-tablescape-window-2 Love the combination of the pearl garland and the twig. We have the Pearl Garland on order, but it hasn't arrived yet. Several styles of twig garland are available, some even has battery powered lights. I read a blog post once about gathering your own grapevine for twig garlands and wreaths and it explained how to treat it, shape it etc. Love the idea of gathering natural things from the woods. Wear boots.....take a never know when you're going to run up on a snake.....or take the hubby)))


In this image, the pearl sprays and simple Jute Roping was used a tieback.

rd105618-natural-wired-jute-roping RD105618 Natural Jute Roping Wired
burlap-lace-tablescape-work-ball-1 This is my favorite parts about this tablescape, the 12" Work Balls that are covered in Deco Paper Mesh. These are 12" Work Balls. They are in stock in all sorts of colors. The balls were covered with 10" Deco Paper Mesh using the ruffle technique. Here's a couple of links showing you how to set up the Work Balls and also a written and video tutorial on using the ruffle technique. The ruffle technique can be done using 10" Deco Paper Mesh or 10" Deco Poly Mesh. The covered balls were hanging in front of a mirrored background for added effect. The lighted branches or twig trees with their tiny white lights add to the festiveness....imagine what it would look like at night as ambient lighting... We have several styles of the twig trees arriving soon.
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