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Easter Lantern with Jelly Ribbon Bow

Easter Lantern with Jelly Ribbon Bow

Easter bow of Jelly Ribbon Making this Easter Lantern with Jelly Ribbon Bow...brightened up my day! Jelly ribbon is a fairly new product at Trendy Tree and this was the first time I had made a complete bow using all jelly ribbon. It was time to remove my winter decoration from my lantern and get ready for spring. So I decided to do a little Easter topper first. After Easter, I'll change it to something that will last until the fall.


Lantern (my old lantern, you've seen it before) X980140-04 2.5" Light Blue Jelly Ribbon X980140-01 2.5" Clear Jelly Ribbon X980140-28 2.5" Fuchsias Jelly Ribbon RG01837J7 1.5" Fresh Green Jelly Ribbon Velvet Rabbit - 4 Colors to choose from XA1227 Bag of Faux Snow (works for white Easter grass) LL600026-8 String Lights Battery Pack and Remote


E-Z Bowmaker

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Step 1

The Velvet Rabbit is about 10" in height so we set it up on a riser in the lantern. A riser can be made from many different things. You can use a small bowl turned upside down, a box or block covered with fabric or ribbon. My rabbit is sitting on top of a white candle jar. The Faux Snow was placed around it. The Faux Snow looks like white Easter grass and made of plastic.

Step 2

Add the string lights. I love these lights! The battery pack has different settings on the back. That's isn't something you see on all battery lights. The box is light in color and the wire strand is silver. This particular strand has 20 LED lights and is about 8' in length and requires 3 AA batteries. It also comes with a remote control. I just wound the lights around the rabbit and then up through the top to go around the jelly ribbon bow.

Step 3

Make the jelly ribbon bow either free-handed or use the E-Z Bowmaker. The jelly ribbon was 2.5" and 1.5" in width and all the ribbon was wired. The 2.5" ribbon has an iridescent edging and the 1.5" was a bit thicker (different company) and no edging. jelly ribbon bow, easter Secure the jelly ribbon bow to the top of the lantern with a zip tie and snip off the end.


Fluff the bow and trim the ends for the desired length. It is helpful to place the lantern in its position and then trim the ends if necessary. Make a dove-tail cut or angled cut on the ribbon ends to give them a finishing touch. You can also just roll up the ribbon ends if you like.

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