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Dress up a Boxwood Wreath for Fall with a Bow Made with the EZ Bowmaker

Dress up a Boxwood Wreath for Fall with a Bow Made with the EZ Bowmaker

Use a boxwood wreath for easy decorating all year long! Here's a couple of square boxwood wreaths that came from City Mercantile. All I had to do was add a pretty fall bow.
Do you have trouble making two bows just alike? Me too! It can be done much easier with a tool to help. I used the EZ Bowmaker to make these two bows look pretty much just alike.
The ribbons also came from City Mercantile and only one of these ribbons is on the website for purchase. Here's that one ribbon.
RGA1237M5 2.5" Mustard Burgundy Gold Stripe
Watch the video:

EZ Bowmaker

The EZ Bowmaker is just one tool that you can use to make beautiful bows. Using a tool like the EZ Bowmaker does make it easier to make matching bows.

EZ bowmaker

There are so many bow tutorials available to you, if you are new to bowmaking just check out some of the free bow tutorials out there from many of our wreathing friends. We have several on our website too in the tutorials list.

If you have a new EZ Bowmaker, you may need to tap the pegs into the holes with hammer (gently). You may think at first that the pegs are not going to fit, but they will.

Here's a link to some of our YouTube tutorials about bowmaking: 

YouTube Playlist on Bowmaking

The orange pompom ribbon that was added to the bow, came from City Mercantile and we're in the process of trying to get this ribbon stocked on the Trendy Tree website. We're working on it!

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EZ Bowmaker


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