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Della Robbia or Colonial Williamsburg Style Fruit Tree for Christmas

Della Robbia or Colonial Williamsburg Style Fruit Tree for Christmas

Della Robbia Williamsburg style Christmas Tree


The Della Robbia or Williamsburg style Christmas tree is but one of the beautiful trees on display at City Mercantile in Pontotoc, MS. 

City Mercantile is our retail store and you will find delightful gifts, decorations, fresh flowers, balloon garlands, specialty food products and so much more. 

Today we're going to focus on the fruit tree with inspiration from Della Robbia.

Honestly, until I started this blog post today, I had assumed Della Robbia was a female. I really didn't know anything about the Della Robbia style or Williamsburg style until I did a little research for this post.

Della Robbia was an Italian male sculptor born circa 1400. In many of his pieces, especially the round ones, he incorporated leaves, flowers, pods, fruits, etc. 

In the 1930's a decorator for Colonial Williamsburg, VA was inspired by Della Robbia and decorated wreaths and swags with fruits, berries and so forth hin the Della Robbia style.

Thus, our fruit tree is based on the Della Robbia and Colonial Williamsburg. The tree is a slim pencil style which really makes for easy decorating. Plus, it takes less products and ribbon to decorate a tree this style.

fruit pick for della robbia tree


This assorted fruit pick from RAZ comes in three different styles. One has an apple, one a pear and another with a clove studded orange.

RAZ Fruit Pick

F4002299 RAZ Assorted Fruit Pick

Speaking of clove studded oranges, have you ever created a bowl of them for your dining area or kitchen?

Clove studded oranges, lemons or tangerines are just a pretty fresh decoration and smell so good! They are beautiful when placed in a silver or clear glass container and so easy to make.

You can buy a jar of whole cloves at the grocery store and just stick them in the fruits in a pattern. Place the studded fruits in a bowl and add some cinnamon sticks tied up in little bundles with raffia or ribbon for an extra touch. 

clove studded oranges

Scented candles are great, but can't compare with the smells from natural ingredients, plus they look so beautiful!


RAZ Crabapple pick

This RAZ Crabapple pick brings back memories of having crab apples at Christmas. Seems like that was the only time my family splurged on the pretty jar of crab apples. They are larger than cherries and you can eat them by holding by their stems. Pickled crab apples have a spicy taste of clove and cinnamon. 

As children, we all loved them and a jar would only yield maybe two per person. My mother never made them, though I'm sure you could have.

Crab Apple Pick

F4006676 RAZ Crab Apple Pick

Imagine my delight the first time I came upon a real crab apple tree! I thought great! Now I can eat as many as I want......NOT! Fresh crab apples are bitter tart.....are not a fruit you can pick off the tree and eat. 

Williamsburg style fruit pick for Christmas tree


The fruit pick above contains a pear, lemon, apple and some other fruit pods, mixed berries and greenery. The pick measures about 14" and is only $4.50. It makes a great filler for a fruit tree. 


80946 Mixed Fruit Pick

We have other fruit picks at Trendy Tree too.  

fruit pick

80937 Mixed Fruit Pick

RAZ Crab Apple Wood Bead Garland

Wood bead garlands were all the rage at market this year. When I first looked at the garland on the fruit tree, I thought it was just one of our wood bead garlands. But it's a RAZ Crab Apple garland.

G4006675 RAZ Crab Apple Garland

The garland and the ribbon add the ribbon add the final touch to our Della Robbia fruit tree. The ribbon was a premium style from D.Stevens and available only in the City Mercantile store.  

The picks and garland are available on the Trendy Tree website.

Thank for visiting our blog, we appreciate it! If you have any questions or comments just leave us a note. Trendy Tree Blog


Della Robbia or Colonial Williamsburg style Christmas fruit tree. 

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