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Deco Poly Mesh Ice Cream Cone!

Huge ice cream cone made out of deco poly mesh! This is a Craig Bachman creation using a Work Wall Cone and a Work Ball. baby pink deco poly mesh netting ribbon 21" widePoly mesh netting was worked in and out the twists as usual. The "sprinkles" on top were made from pieces of Glamour Rope. glittered glamour rope colors The new Work Wall cone and Work Ball are items from Craig Bachman that we haven't stocked at this time. But, I think you could create the same effect above using a Work Wreath and Work Garland. You basically would need a tree or cone shape that you could turn upside down for the cone. A chicken wire frame could be fashioned for the cone. You could use pipe cleaners to secure the mesh to the chicken wire frame. Or you could purchase the ready made Work Wall Cone and Work Ball which I'm sure would be the easiest way to complete the project))) But, to save money, you might try the chicken wire. Please leave me a comment with your ideas! A Work Wreath could be used for the ice cream portion, just beef up the center poufs to give it a more rounded look and tighter around the edges. purple glitzy sticks used for decoratingSprinkles can be hot glued on by cutting short pieces of the Glamour Rope or even the Glitzy Sticks. Our Glamour Rope and Glitzy Sticks should be arriving any day now. Short pieces of Deco Flex Tubing could be used with the same look too I think. I can see right now, I have to try my hand at this project! What a great wall decoration or door welcome for a birthday party. Now I'm thinking of a cupcake form......or cookie.....or a Cake Pop! Cake Pops are the newest sweet treat rage.... I'll be back with more instruction once I try my hand at this one)))
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