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Chicken Salad It's Whats for Dinner!

Chicken Salad It's Whats for Dinner!

chicken salad Chicken salad, a great choice for lunch or dinner. This is a recipe I found while watching YouTube last Saturday. We were looking for information on making gardens out of pallets and ran across this great channel: Hollis and Nancy's Homestead. Check it out! They have so much information about gardening on a small scale. Plus, great recipes too! We liked the chicken salad recipe so much, I made it Sunday and again last night. It was even better the second time!

Shortcutrotisserie chicken

Make it easy on yourself and start with a rotisserie chicken. Mine came from Walmart and honestly, they are always good. This roasted chicken was the traditional style. Another tip is to remove the chicken from the bone while it's still warm. It's much easier to do that way and refrigerating first. Plus, you should always remove chicken from the bone if you're planning on keeping it a day or two before using it. Coarsely chop the chicken. I avoid using an electric chopper or food processor when chopping chicken. We like the pieces to be bite-size pieces for chicken salad, and not chopped too finely. chicken salad Nancy's recipe called for two cups of chopped chicken. My rotisserie chicken yielded a little more than two cups so I used it all. I knew I could always add more mayo if it looked a little dry. But, it didn't and I didn't have to adjust the recipe at all.

Serving Chicken Salad

This chicken salad would make a great sandwich. I can envision it on toasted bread with lettuce and tomato. Because we're watching our carbs, no sandwiches for us right now. Last night we had this served up on a lettuce leaf with tomatoes, pickled okra and deviled eggs. Okay, I cheated and had crackers with mine! And iced tea.

Chicken Salad (Hollis & Nancy's Homestead)

2 cups chopped chicken 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup sour cream 1/4 sweet relish 2 tsp spicy mustard 1/4 tsp garlic powder salt & pepper to taste Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope you enjoy this chicken salad as much as we did. Thanks to Hollis & Nancy's Homestead for putting great recipes out there. Here' the quickie version of the video if you're pressed for time. Insert video here. (being uploaded) Now back to wreath making or crafting. Me, I have more face masks to stitch together. If you're looking for a face mask tutorial, we have one that covers different styles. How to Make a Fabric Face Mask Tie a Red Ribbon to Show Support Versatile Spring or Easter Lantern
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