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Champagne Horsehead Wreath Tutorial

Champagne Horsehead Wreath Tutorial

Here's a new look for the horse head wreath. We chose some sparkly champagne colored sprays for this little pony.


XX7718W4 Burlap Horse Head Wreath

XS9590 Foil Pine Pearlized Bead Pick - 12

XV753630 Long Needle Champagne Pine Spray - 10

RK9015 4" Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon

RG01084 1.5" Faux Linen Ribbon

Note: If you click on a link and get a "dead" page, it would mean that the product has sold out. The instructions and video will be left up even after some items might be sold out, since you can follow the basic instructions and perhaps use other products. Summary Horse Head Wreath Form: Ties were not used to secure items, but were wrapped around the frame which helped to cover the wire and get them out of the way. 4" Burlap Ribbon: The burlap ribbon was used to cover up the wreath form. We started at the nose, head and then down the neck. You could also use another style of ribbon, fabric or mesh to cover. The raw end was tucked under the ribbon layers on the back and hot glue used in places to make it more secure.Pearlized Bead Pick: The bead picks were placed around on the head to get a general picture of how they needed to be positioned. The don't have to go right out to the edge of the outer neck since the "mane" will be covering that area, nor all the way to the top of the head. We used 12 bead picks for this project. We did not cut the ends off the picks, but placed the stem ends into the burlap wrap. We started positioning the picks at the nose, then the head and downward on the neck. The picks were held in place with floral wire (paddle wire). The paddle wire was attached to the metal frame and then wrapped around the horse's nose holding the picks in place. Occasionally some limbs of the pick would be held up and the wire wrapped underneath the limbs. We used green wire, but silver is available at WalMart or craft shops. The paddle wire was not cut until the entire frame had been covered. Cut the wire and secure to the back of the wreath, tucking the wire ends to the inside of the wreath. Smooth the pick edges around the nose and down the inner neck to maintain the shape of the horse.Long Needle Champagne Pine Spray: The long needle sprays were used as the "mane." We used 10 of these sprays, but you might could get by with 8-9, it just depends on how thick you want the mane. Nine were used with two toward the front for bangs and seven down the neck. The 10th one was cut in half and positioned on the top of the head, one piece forward and one piece back. It was the only spray that we cut. The long ends of the sprays were bent and tucked into the burlap wrap. The sprays were attached to the outer edge of the wreath form using large zip ties. Ends of the zip ties were snipped off with wire cutters.1.5" Faux Linen Ribbon: The linen ribbon was used to fashion a halter. We doubled the ribbon and used hot glue between the layers. You could also use roping, tinsel tubing, garland or something of that sort. Just experiment with how you want the halter to look. We wrapped one piece around the nose and hot glued together on the back. Placed another piece up toward the neck, and another piece in front of the ears. Once you get the pieces in place, you can use a little hot glue to keep them together. You could also just position the ribbon and tie it in the back. We created a little ribbon rose out of the same ribbon and hot glued it to the halter. Here's a post we did a while back showing you how to make the ribbon flowers. Ribbon Flowers Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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