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Centerpiece with String Lights

This centerpiece was created by the RAZ designers and while we don't carry any of the items used in this arrangement other than some of the String Lights, I wanted to share it with you because of the way they covered up the stems of the sprays. It looks like they have wrapped fabric or paper around the stems of the sprays, and then wrapped the fine threads of the string lights around that. I love using clear vases, but sometimes you have to use a solid vase to cover up the different stems, this is a great way to avoid that and bring out the crystal. You could even use a few layers of Deco Poly Mesh or parchment paper as a wrap around the stems. Whatever material was used in this photo must be secured around the neck of the arrangement and then covered up with the larger poinsettias. The String Lights are new this year from RAZ and come in two different sizes, 5' string and a 20' string. The 20 ft string has 60 lights, and operates on batteries. It also includes a timer that runs for 6 hours and repeats in 18....pretty convenient. Thanks RAZ !
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