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Carrot Door Hanger

Carrot Door Hanger

Quick and easy Carrot Door Hanger - no skills required! easter carrot door hanger, carrot wreath, easter carrot Sometimes you just don't have a lot of time to create a door decoration. Sometimes you don't think you have the skills to create a door decoration. This post is for you! This Easter Carrot Door Hanger was created in no less than 5-10 minutes tops! The Carrot can be used as a door hanger all by itself actually. We used a chenille stem to make a hanger for it, but you could also use floral wire. The carrot measures about 32" in length and has a width of about 10." It's made of sisal and wire, it's dark orange with green on top. The inside of the carrot is hollow which makes it perfect for tucking something down in it.
carrot door hanger, easter carrot 61863OR Carrot Door Hanger
plastic hanging bush, plastic greenery, filler greenery, carrot door hanger, easter carrot 23698 Small Leaf Hanging Bush
The Small Leaf Hanging Bush measures about 28" We used a whole bush on the carrot but you could get by with half for sure. It's made of plastic.
plastic hanging bush, plaastic hanging vine, carrot door hanger, easter carrot 23986 Hanging Vine Bush
We used three of the 22" hanging Vine Bushes, but you could get by with just using two. It's made of all plastic and has some shorter and longer pieces.
white daisy bush, mini daisy bush, daisies bushg, silk daisy bush, silk daisies, white daisies, easter carrot, carrot door hanger 24074 White Mini Daisy Bush
We used three of the White Mini Daisy Bushes in the carrot, but two would work. Just go with three if you want it extra full. Summary Usually when working with flower bushes, you cut the pieces apart to place them individually. This was a quick put together door hanger so we didn't do any of that. Now, if you were creating this to sell, of course, you would want to separate the stems and start by using some Styrofoam secured down in the carrot. But like I say, this was a quick and easy, one and done sort of creation that you might do for yourself)) We placed the long plastic hanging vine down in the carrot and let it hang off on the right side. Two o f the shorter plastic vines were placed, one on the left and one on the right. Then we decided to add a third one right in the middle toward the back. The daisy bushes were placed on the left and right and a third in the center. That's it! Done in less than 10 minutes total. When I made things for myself, I really don't like to use anything permanent unless I plan to keep it around for a long time. On a project like this.....I'll create it, hang it up until after Easter then take everything out and store it away. The vines and daisies can be used for other project and the carrot can be used again next year....but by then, I''ll want something new and different))) I'm already thinking about what else that carrot might be used for?? Turn it upside down and make a witch hat? Who knows!
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