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Canva - The BEST Image Editing Program

Canva - The BEST Image Editing Program

Let's face it, if you are creative and make wreaths, floral arrangements, or crafts of any kind, you have to be able to put out beautiful images if you plan to sell your  creation, or if you just want to show it off! If you are a food know how images make the difference!

I've been blogging now for many years and have created thousands of images for the Trendy Tree website and blog. Not saying all of them are great! There is always room for improvement! 

But I do want to share with you what my favorite image editing program is. And believe me, I have tried a bunch!

Hands down, Canva is the best! 

design with canva


I do most of my editing on a desktop, but I have used the mobile app some. But for the bulk of my work, I turn to the desktop and keyboard. Now, I'm in the "older" age group of course, but I'm just sharing my experience)))

There are many great photo editing apps out there, whether they be for desktops or mobile, but what I have typically found is that no one app does it all. 

But for 99% of the editing we do, Canva does!

Years ago I was introduced to Photoshop and used it for years, and still do occasionally. The most recent upgrade I've used for that is Photoshop 2020. But for my purposes, it has become somewhat of a dinosaur. 

I use it now for when I need to touch up an images with something like the clone tool and that's about it. 

PicMonkey is another I've had experience with and it's pretty good too. But Canva is my favorite.

Here's just a few reasons I LOVE CANVA.

  • FREE version is great. (But you get so much more with the paid app)
  • PRO version is SUPER and it's only $119.99 per YEAR
  • Thousands of templates that you can edit to make your very own
  • Saves all the images you create and raw images you upload.
  • Thousands of stock photos
  • Mobile version
  • Design and save your own templates
  • Upload directly from your social media accounts, Google, Dropbox
  • Built in calendar for scheduling social media post
  • Video clips
  • Great music selections to add to your creation
  • Create QR codes
  • Share editing with co-workers
  • Clip art elements
  • Animation
  • Smart Mockups (though I really haven't used those)
  • Editing tools, filters, background remover
  • Grids to help you line up your elements
  • Brand Kit - use your colors, logo, ect

These are not all the reasons we chose Canva, but it's most of them)))

Is it perfect, no. No one program is ever perfect. But we have so few cons, it's hardly worth mentioning. But here goes))

  • It would be great if we could upload images from OneDrive
  • A clone tool would be nice
  • Something automatic that would just take your elements and arrange them

That's really all I can think of right now as far as a downside. Maybe an opportunity to pay a one-time fee and do away with the monthly/yearly payment.

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot one of the most important features! If you have a problem or a question, you can send an email and a REAL person will respond!

I experienced this just yesterday! Canva has just recently changed up their dashboard and I couldn't find the Blur Tool. I use it for sharpening images sometimes.

So I clicked thru the help section and finally contacted Canva Support. I immediately got an email back (automated of course) and thought....well, that's the end of that.

Honestly, within a couple of hours I had a response back that answered my question and it seemed to be from a real person. It was! Jen Teves, she answered my question and I replied with a thank you. And she responded back with real words, not a bot answer. 

Questions or problems may not always be resolved in this quick manner, but it was impressive to me. 

We've been using Canva for a few years now, and every week or so, it seems like I learn something new! 

So, if you're looking for a program, check out the free version of Canva. I know you will like it and once you get used to it, you'll be wanting those Pro features just like we did!

My affiliate link can be found throughout this blog post. And just so you know, I never promote anything that I haven't tried myself and love! 

If you're interested, just click on this Canva Link and do some exploring! Try the free version and see how you like it))

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