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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Candy Land Christmas Tree

Candy Land Christmas Tree

candy land christmas, candy christmas tree, sweet tree, goodies christmas tree, candyland thenme While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.......what could be sweeter than an Candy Land Christmas tree. Chocked full with your favorite goodies....gumdrops, cupcakes, cookies donuts, candy sprinkles and more! Insert video here (please check back still uploading)

Christmas Tree

The tree used for this Candy Land Christmas tree was an inexpensive 7" white tree from Walmart. Inexpensive by choice because, as you can see, the tree is hidden by all the pretty decorations! Pick out a tree that is sturdy and well lit. LED cool white lights yield the brightest lights versus the more yellow color of warm lights.


candy sprinkles, donut, flocked ball, candy ornament, candy land Ornaments for this tree ranged from balls, cookies, cupcakes, donuts and more. Here's a list of some of what was used and also some suggestions for other items in case you find something sold out. 3914144 RAZ 3" Candy Sprinkles Ball Ornament MTX61261 Mrs. Claus 3.5" Pink Cupcake Box of 6 3902558 RAZ 4.5" Pom Pom Ball Ornament MTX61262 Mrs. Claus 6.5" Pink Cupcake Box of 3 3952888 RAZ 4" Glazed Ball with Sprinkles Set of 3 3914141 RAZ Candy Wreath Ornament 3916167 RAZ Donut with Sprinkles Set of 3 MTX62580 Candy House Ornament Set of 2 3920072 RAZ Swirl Lollipop MTX62457 4" Glitter Beaded Striped Ball Set of 2 3914142 RAZ 3" Gumdrop Ball Ornament MTX61263 4" Cake Slice Box of 3

Other Ornaments that Blend with the Candy Land Theme

3422928 RAZ Candy Sprinkles Ornament Set of 4 MTX62587 Ice Cream Cone Ornament 84262WTYW 6" Cupcake Ornament 84262PKBL 6" Pink and Blue Cupcake Ornament 3922808 RAZ Retro Reflection Set of 3 3722813 RAZ 4" Threaded Glass Ball Set of 3

Pick and Sprays

Some of the products used on the Candy Land Christmas tree look so'll be tempted to taste! marshmallow, ice cream, gumdrop MTX62187 Sugared Jaw Breaker Candy Ball Spray MTX62032 20" Sugared Cotton Candy Pink Poinsettia 62256BL 28" Blue Glitter Flocked Ball Spray F3716161 RAZ Marshmallow Pick 62287PK 15.5" Ice Cream Cone Pick marshmallow, gumdrop, ice cream, candy sprinkles

Other Picks & Sprays that Blend with the Candy Land Theme

62256LV 28" Lavender Glitter Flocked Ball Spray 62256YW 28" Yellow Glitter Flocked Ball Spray 84085PKWT 22" Pink Swirl Lollipop Pick MTX62033 Mint Green Sugared Poinsettia Spray MN0014 Flocked Twig Pink Blue Lime Set of 3 28116 12" Wood Candy Stick Assorted MTX62794 19" Sugared Lollipop

Tabletop Candy Land Decor

Gingerbread houses were one of our favorite things to make at Christmas time. But if there is no time to spare, RAZ makes a beautiful gingerbread house topped with a big ice cream cone chimney! gingerbread house, candy house, claydough house, ice cream cone 3919185 RAZ Lighted Gingerbread House 3914143 RAZ 10" Gumdrop Tree (please note, I said in the video that it was a set of mistake) gumdrop tree, gumdrops, candy decorations, candy land, candyland

Other Suggestions for the Candy Land Theme

3716233 RAZ 14.5" Nutcracker Figurine XAT278 Glittered Beaded Ice Cone Tree Set of 3

Ribbons for the Candy Land Theme

RG0183711 1.5" Hot Pink Jelly Ribbon R3904215 RAZ 2.5" White Glitter Sprinkles Ribbon RG0196511 2.5" Hot Pink Iridescent Dupioni Ribbon Pink Red White Argyle Ribbon (sold out)

Other Suggestions for Candy Land Ribbon

Jelly Ribbon - many colors and sizes X921509-01 1.5" White Satin Confetti Ribbon Iridescent Dupioni - many colors RG01312XX 2.5" Pink Red White Loopy Stripes & Dots RG0190211 2.5" Hot Pink White Glittered Argyle RG885014 2.5" Light Blue Icicle Fuzzy Edge


A Candy Land Christmas Tree is always cheerful, always fun and friends and family will love it! To see more of our themed Christmas tree, just click the links below. And remember, we still have more trees to add! Peppermint and Gingerbread Christmas Tree Faith Based Christmas Tree Classic Red Green Christmas Tree Inspiration

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