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Attaching Large Ornaments to Wreaths

Attaching Large Ornaments to Wreaths

One of the most frequent questions I hear from customers and friends is "how do I attach ornaments to my wreath?" There are several different methods and it just all depends on what your wreath is made out of, what the embellishment is, and where you are planning to use the wreath. A wreath for a door that is opened and closed frequently obviously needs the most secure method. A wall wreath or other stationary position requires less. And, if you're shipping your wreath keep that in mind. Materials to secure include hot glue, clear fishing line, zip ties, chenille stems or pipe cleaners, floral wire and sometimes you can use the Work Wreath twists. Plastic and lightweight items do well with hot glue and depending on the size they can be hot glued right to the mesh, sort of nestled down in the mesh so they make good contact. Heavier items need more security and do best when wired directly the wreath frame when using a Work Wreath. If you're using grapevine or twig, the zip ties or wires can be worked through the twig. The wreath above is another stunning creation by Julie Siomacco of Southern Charm Wreaths. This is a classic red and lime green style with lots of embellishment. Julie has shared her directions on securing the large Styrofoam ornament in the center of the wreath.


Julie Siomacco of Southern Charm Wreaths - How to wire this Styrofoam ornament into a wire wreath form:

Line up the ornament so that the top, bottom and sides of the ornament will be lined up with the needles on the inside inner ring of the wreath form. (Work Wreath style form) With the sharp end of a wooden floral pick or an awl, poke a ¼ - ½-inch deep hole into the bottom of the Styrofoam ornament and then remove the pick. Using a hot glue gun, shoot hot glue into the hole just made. Stick the sharp end of the floral pick into some of the glue that did not make it into the hole and roll it around just a little to get glue on the tip of the pick and then stick the floral pick back down into the hole. Let cool completely before adding to the wreath. Do the same thing for the sides. Once the floral picks are attached and dried completely, secure the top of the ornament’s wired loop into a set of needle ties and twist the needle ties to secure. Then use the wire that is on the end of the floral pick and wrap it around one of the needle ties on the bottom. Make sure that the ornament is level and center before attaching. Wrap the needle tie back around the pick somewhat to help hide the floral pick. Do this same thing for the sides. When you add flowers and ribbon to the wreath, make sure to add them where they cover up the mechanics of the floral picks.


Thanks to Julie for sharing these directions with us. I learn something new every time I have a communication with her and we appreciate so much her sharing images of her gorgeous wreaths. By the way, she'll be having a Christmas in July sale and you just might see the above wreath among her collection....

Some of the items used in this wreath:

work wreath colorsWork Wreaths come in a variety of colors. For a wreath like this one, you could use red, dark red metallic, lime green, or even evergreen. We stock Work Wreaths in the 24" size (completed wreath size). Colors include white, black, lime green, emerald green, evergreen, purple, lavender, pink, hot pink, yellow, turquoise, chocolate, dark red metallic, silver metallic, gold metallic, orange, royal blue and pumpkin.

New colors coming in include off white and sky blue.

We also have a new style arriving soon called Pencil Twist Wreaths. These wreaths will also be 24" and the twist ties will be made of shiny tinsel. They will be available in all colors and some will also have balls on the ends of the twists for a little different look. Can't wait until they arrive!

This red with lime green bold stripe mesh was used in Julie's wreath. It has a bit of gold beside the lime stripe also. Sometimes it's really difficult to visualize what a finished product will look like just by looking at the roll of mesh.

These are lightweight Styrofoam beaded ornaments and come in a couple of different sizes and styles.

There is also a red/green kismet shape, a multicolor round and kismet and a red/green polka dot style. They are about 1" thick, are the same on both sides and have a ring hanger. They also look great just suspended from ribbons hanging in windows and from mantels.

Lime Green Laser Glamour Rope. Available in two different sizes, 5 mm and 8 mm. It's a glittered roping encrusted with sequins and wired. It comes 25 ft in length and can be used as roping on a Christmas tree or cut into small lengths and used in your projects. You can wrap it around a broom handle or cardboard cord of your Deco Poly Mesh® and curl it and swirl it. Glamour Rope comes in the Laser Style and Glitter Style, several colors and two different sizes. The Glitter Glamour Rope has a smoother texture and some lighter spring/summer colors.

Again, thanks to Julie and Southern Charm Wreaths for this great information and stunning wreath. Be sure to drop by Southern Charm Wreaths to see more of Julie's creations. And, if you'd like to learn more about making Deco Poly Mesh® wreaths, check out the downloadable e-book Julie created. The book contains detailed step by step instructions on making wreaths and decorating them. It contains great images and even some video. (Note this is not a book, or DVD, it is a downloadable PDF file that you purchase and download to your computer.) Julie also has a Facebook Page Southern Charm Wreaths, so drop in, like her page and browse through her gorgeous wreaths. Be sure to tell her Trendy Tree sent you!
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