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Animal Kingdom - Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports

Animal Kingdom - Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports


Another beautiful tree by the designers at Craig Bachman Imports. Animal print is popular all year long and especially during the holidays when it has a bit of bling added to it))) An ordinary green tree is transformed into a stunning eye catching creation.


Lots of wire-edge ribbon was used as garland on this tree and its very easy to do. This Black, Copper and Brown Flocked Animal Print Ribbon was used as garland on the tree. Wire edge ribbons in 4" width work really well as garland, just attach at a starting point and wind in and out around the tree. You can cut pieces and attach individually, but actually I prefer to keep my ribbon all in one length. That way after the tree comes down, you can just wind the ribbon back up in a roll and use for another project. This Flocked Animal Print Ribbon is in stock now and only $13.99 for a 10 yard roll.

Lots of animal print balls, poinsettias and leaf sprays were used on this tree and we have some of them still to be added to our inventory.

We also have a new collection coming from RAZ this year called Christmas Catwalk......and it's chocked full of animal print goodies......everything from balls with feathers or bows.....flocked package style ornaments.....high heeled shoe ornaments.....purse ornaments....hand mirror ornaments and even coat hanger ornament......and we're still listing items! So be sure to check out the RAZ Christmas Catwalk.....if animal print with bling is what you're looking for.

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