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Victorian Rose Bundle in My Grandmother’s Buttermilk Pitcher


Today when working on a video to showcase a very pretty Victorian Rose and Violet Bundle, I was looking around the house for vases to show the flower bundles in.

I ran across this old farmhouse blue stoneware pitcher that was on a kitchen shelf. Perfect for displaying the bundles of flowers. You can see more about the flowers and ribbons I picked out in another post.

Putting these flowers in the pitcher made me think about my grandmother. She’s been gone for a long time now, but today she was fresh in my memory. This blue stoneware pitcher was her “buttermilk pitcher.” It held buttermilk. Nothing else.

There were pitchers for sweet  tea and pitchers for Koolaid. Can’t remember what sweet milk was stored in…..guess I didn’t spend much time getting milk out of the frig))) Never was a milk drinker myself. Sometimes when you’re raised around dairy barns and chicken houses…..you tend not to necessarily want those things that you work with every day.

But I do remember the buttermilk pitcher. Sometimes she would send me to get it out of the refrigerator when she would make biscuits or cornbread. And she made her own buttermilk! Don’t remember how she did this either, but you never let the buttermilk pitcher run dry. Think she always kept some in the pitcher, and added more sweet milk. Guess it turned to buttermilk…..I really don’t know.

I asked her once where the pitcher came from and she told me”the Plan Book.” Not sure what the Plan Book might have been. The pitcher was probably purchased during the depression or earlier.

Maybe it was the Sears & Roebuck Catalog as it was called back then. A lot of clothes came from that catalog. Before school started each year, mother would make a big order to Sears. The order would be delivered by the mailman and we would go through the box so excitedly.

Undershirts, puff panties, socks, shoes, pants, sweaters. The packages for clothing my size would have little stick figures of kids on them so I knew right away what packages were mine. Good Lord! How can I remember that! Oh, and panties with the days of the week! Never could keep them straight though.

She did love flowers too. She always had things blooming in her yard. She would have loved this floral arrangement, even as simple as it was for me to create.