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The Napolean Grill – Perfect for Our Outdoor Kitchen


Make your mother proud!

Sometimes we have to admit, our Mothers knew a thing or two about cooking)) “Never let anything go to waste.” This was one thing I learned from my mother. So…..here’s a leftover ham bone used to cook in dried pinto beans.

This past Sunday we cooked a ham on our Napolean Grill in (gee…is it in or out or on?) our new outdoor kitchen. We are so happy with the back porch and how it turned out! I’ll be posting images just as soon as the final touches are added like the cedar mantel. Soon as that is mounted, we’ll be all finished)))

Anyway, this grill is the hubby’s new baby! I think we’ve grilled something on it just about each day since we’ve they finished laying the tile for the floor))) We did quite a bit of shopping around before settling on the Napolean Grill.

We wanted a built in gas grill and after looking at all the options, the hubby wanted one with an infrared burner for searing meats, especially steaks. Well the Napolean LEX 605 had everything we needed and wanted. There are more expensive grills for sure….and some that are lower. This one was described as the lower end of the higher end grills….so to speak. Go less expensive and you lose the infrared burner….and higher is just bigger grills with more options – none that we really needed and the 36″ size is perfect. You can read more about it at ShoppersChoice where we bought it. It was shipped and arrived in perfect condition.

The grills has three knobs that are for regular burners and two infrared burners. One infrared is on the far right for searing meats and the other is across the upper back for a rotisserie. Yes, we bought the rotisserie too!

The Napolean Rotisserie that is made just for this grill is the 42″ Commercial Grade Kit Model 69331 A generic style rotisserie may have worked, but we just didn’t want to take any chances. This rotisserie is so sturdy and stable….I think you could roast a whole pig on it! It has four sets of the forks for holding meats, so you can do like two chickens or two different pieces of meat at the same time.

The rotisserie motor is quiet as a mouse, you’ll never even know it’s on if your sitting close to the grill. It’s turns very slowly and so far, it has turned out perfect dinners! These chickens came out so nice and evenly browned and they were yummy! The knobs will light up too which is a great remember that the grill is still on.

The grill was built in to a totally brick base so we don’t have anything around it that is combustible. The stainless steel doors underneath the grill were extra. They were one of our “bargains” we picked up in the Warehouse Deals section. More about that later.



We also have used the rotisserie for an eight-pound Boston Butt, but I didn’t get an image. Just take my word for it, it turned out great))

Here’s the ham we had yesterday for Sunday lunch.

We’re still learning the ropes around using this grill because it can reach such high temperatures, we’re treading carefully so that we don’t burn anything up. We haven’t so far…..grilled chicken breast turned out well, steak kabobs were perfect and we also grilled some pineapple and veggies.

We shopped for several things at ShoppersChoice, especially in their Warehouse Deals. I love this place! The Warehouse Deals are like a “bent and dent” sale. All the other pieces of our outdoor kitchen came from the Warehouse Deals except for the grill and we wanted one that was perfect. It’s hooked up to our natural gas, so there isn’t any switching bottles, hooking up etc……just turn it on and you’re good to go!

I have a lot more to say about ShoppersChoice but that’s for another day. They were absolutely excellent to work with especially since we really didn’t know anything about outdoor kitchens. I’ll tell you more about how ours was created in another post.


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